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  • Buyers' Guide: Chair Scales

    Buyers' Guide: Chair ScalesMarsden’s range of Class III Approved chair scales are the ideal solution for weighing patients who are unable to stand on a floor scale.

    Each Marsden chair scale is different to the next - with a different seat sizes, capacities and accuracy levels available - making each chair suitable for a different purpose.

    And, as we know you’ll want a chair scale which is suitable for your weighing needs - we’ve put this blog post together to help.

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  • Download our new white paper: Accurate Assessment of Patient Weight

    patient weightIn GP surgeries, pharmacies, clinics and hospitals - accurate assessment of patient weight is a fundamental part of monitoring their health.

    By weighing a patient as part of the screening process, staff can monitor fluid balance, administer treatment and calculate medication dosages. Yet patient weighing can slip out of routine practice.

    Our new white paper explores the importance of weighing accurately - and the risks to the patient if weighing is not correctly carried out and recorded. Download the white paper by clicking the link below.

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  • LACORS report: Why a regularly serviced scale is required

    LACORS report: Why a regularly serviced scale is requiredA serviced, accurate weighing scale can help to avoid injuries, accidents and casualties.

    Weighing hospital patients is a matter of life and death – and as Marsden is the leading supplier of weighing scales to NHS hospitals, we feel we are best placed to stress their importance.

    The need for regularly serviced scales stems from the 2009 LACORS report into the use of weighing scales in the National Health Service – which provided some startling results.

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  • New medical scales to come in 2017

    medical scalesMerry Christmas!

    2016 has been Marsden's busiest in its 90 year history - and we have our customers to thank for that!

    2017 looks set to be just as busy already. In the year ahead we’ll be adding many new products to our range of medical weighing scales.

    These are the medical scales we will be launching in the first six months of 2017...

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  • What our customers say about us

    What our customers say about usAt Marsden, your feedback means a lot to us.

    What you tell us is at the heart of what we do. We strive to provide exactly what you are looking for. Your feedback has directly led to the improvements to existing models as well as brand new products.

    We really appreciate it every time you get in touch with us. Let us know what you think to our brand, your product and the service you have received by dropping us a comment below.

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  • How do body composition scales work?

    body compositionThe Marsden MBF-6000 and MBF-6010 are Class III and MDD approved body composition scales - they’re in high demand in hospitals, gyms, sports clubs and slimming clubs.

    With an optional height measure and a printer that comes as standard these body fat scales provide the user with everything they could want in order to monitor a patient's physical health. So, we wanted to provide you with a one page low-down on what these scales do and how they work.

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  • Download our free medical weighing terms glossary

    medical scales glossaryAs a medical or health and fitness professional, we understand that you’re expected to be an expert in a multitude of areas. It’s likely that, from time to time, customers or patients will ask you questions about the equipment you provide - and the answer may not always be obvious to either you or them.

    The world of weighing equipment can sometimes feel like another language - and when it comes to weighing scales, sometimes you just take in the essential information you need to know.

    So, as today's Marsden Advent Calendar offering, we’ve created a free downloadable PDF guide to the medical weighing terms you’re most likely to come across. Such questions as ‘what is tare?’ or ‘what does Class III approved mean?’ can easily be answered by referring to this quick-reference document. Continue reading

  • Portal user? We've created a free printable guide...

    Portal CoverIf you are one of our contract customers we’re sure you have been reaping the rewards of our Client Portal, and if you haven’t, then now is the time to start!

    We’ve put together an easy-to-follow, printable guide to the Marsden Client Portal that you can use if you’re new to using this service, or if you need a bit of a refresher each time you use it. Just scroll down to the bottom of this blog post to download.

    The Marsden Client Portal is a service that can benefit everybody, whether you are a large inner city hospital with over 1000 weighing scales or a small one man band with one scale.

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