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  • 7 key benefits of using portable scales

    7 key benefits of using portable scalesMarsden’s industrial scales range caters for almost any weighing need. By choosing industrial portable scales you can weigh anywhere you need to, whether that be on a market stall or surrounded by farmlands.

    Portable scales do not need a permanent connection to the mains in order to run - powered by rechargeable or replaceable batteries they can be used whenever or wherever you need them.

    There are plenty of benefits associated with our portable scales. This blog post explains in 7 reasons why choosing portable scales can benefit your business. You can let us know benefits you have discovered from using portable scales by posting a comment below.

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  • Why is it important to weigh ingredients when cooking?

    Why is it important to weigh ingredients when cooking?A myth in the chef profession is that ‘real chefs don’t measure’. The true representation is the opposite, as they weigh out almost everything they use. If they no longer weigh, it is likely to be because they have many years of experience so feel extremely confident in the amounts they are putting in.

    One chef has proclaimed, “You can make bad food taste better with more butter or salt, but it is better to just make great food with the right amount of ingredients.”

    Weighing is one of the simplest tips for reducing calories and eating healthy. Here is what you need to know.

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  • How to get the most out of your retail scale - part 2

    How to get the most out of your retail scale - part 2In February of this year, we published a blog post to help you get the most out of your retail scale.

    But there are so many benefits of choosing this type of scale, we couldn’t possibly fit them all in one solitary blog post.

    So we’ve put together a sequel - with even more helpful tips for you to read. Find out more on the capabilities of our retail scales which can improve your weighing processes by continuing reading.

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  • Increasing output and reducing costs in the food industry: Our new guide

    food processingWeighing scales are used at various stages of the food production process. From weighing raw materials to checking goods as they go out the door, Marsden has a range of scales suitable for food processing plants and the food industry.

    Drawing on our experience of supplying weighing scales to the food industry, we've put together a new free guide.

    To find out why you should be weighing at every step - and the scales that should be used - download Increasing outputs and reducing costs: A guide to weighing in the food industry below.

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  • Buyers’ Guide: bakery scales

    Buyers’ Guide: bakery scalesWeighing is a critical part of the bakery process - taking place from the ingredients stage all the way through to finished goods.

    In a bakery setting, the law also plays an important part in the weighing process - so this guide will help you through regulations as well as which scales you need at specific points in production.

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  • The kilogram is changing - not in a way you might think

    The kilogram is changing - not in a way you might thinkIn 1889, a platinum-iridium cylinder was made - a cylinder which would become precious to modern times and serve as the global standard for weighing. It’s name: the kilogram.

    The kilogram is currently stored in a strong room in Sevres, near Paris, France. Every forty years it is withdrawn - but only so it can be compared to replica kilos, situated in every country which has adopted the metric system.

    However, shockingly, the kilogram has been losing weight over time without any known reason. This has prompted scientists to think of a new measure, reports the Guardian. Here is what we know.

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  • Our new indicators: What do they do?

    batchingLast week, we launched a new range of weighing scales that can help you streamline weighing, filling and batching processes, cutting time and money in your business.

    These new weighing scales utilise our new, programmable I-500 and I-550 indicators. Where these differ from the rest of our off-the-shelf industrial scales is that they can be tailored to your precise needs, with software writes available and multiple factory fitted options.

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  • Streamlining your supply chain from start to finish

    Streamlining your Supply Chain from Start to FinishToday, we have a guest blog post from Maggie Bendis at Eazystock – with some tips on reducing costs and speeding up processes within your supply chain…

    When it comes to distribution, timing is of the utmost importance. The time from the moment that you receive an order till the moment that the order is delivered needs to be as short as possible, meaning that you need to have your supply chain functioning as smoothly as possible. Using weighing scales can assist with this: improving production time, reducing labour costs, ensuring regulations are met and enhancing your customer service.

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