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Marsden S-100 Smart Diet Scale

  • Multi-functional weighing scale for diet control and weight management

  • Calculates the nutritional value of an entire meal

  • Tracks progress via app; 600,000 food items pre-installed

  • Smartphone/tablet compatible (iOS v8.0 and above; android v4.4 and above)

Get ultimate diet control, monitoring and recording in one solution!

The Smart Diet Scale is a brand new way to keep on top of daily calorie and nutrition intake. Designed for the average dieter, the serious athlete and those who need to maintain a controlled, healthy diet, it combines precise weighing technology with app-based nutritional information for over 600,000 food types.

What is the Smart Diet Scale?

The Smart Diet Scale is a revolutionary food scale. It allows you to weigh four items at once, and via a smartphone app, see the nutritional value of each item. It helps you track your food intake, achieve weight-loss goals and can be used as part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

How does it work?

Each mealtime, use the Smart Diet Scale to weigh your meal. You can weigh up to four individual items at one time, with the Smart Diet Scale's four separate weighing pads.

Enter the food type into the Smart Diet Scale app, and using the weight of the food, it will provide you with all the nutrition facts of each portion - including calorie content, fat content, carbs, protein and vitamins. You can alternatively scan the barcode of a food item and get instant data.

The Smart Diet Scale app has over 600,000 food options, including 450,000 grocery items and 106,000 restaurant items pre-installed.

Over time, you can build a record of your nutrition intake, weight management and available calories. The app will also store your recipes, making it easier to plan healthy meals.

Plus, goals and limits can be set, allowing you to be as strict as you need to be with your diet!

The S-100 Smart Diet Scale can weigh up to four items at once, and comes with four specially-designed plates to place your food on. It can be battery or mains operated, and weighs in either grams or ounces.

Who is the Smart Diet Scale for?

Dieters - measure your daily calorie intake with every single meal. You can then achieve your weight-loss goals much easier, and also use the Smart Diet Scale to maintain a healthy weight.

Diabetics - you can use the Smart Diet Scale to measure the amount of sugar and carbs in your meals. The Smart Diet Scale app's database can also be used to research the best low glycemic foods!

Athletes/bodybuilders - the Smart Diet Scale can be used to control your protein and calorie intake, helping to build muscle and lose fat.

The Smart Diet Scale app is available from the App Store (for iOS) and Google Play (for android).

Be one of the first to own this innovative weighing scale - and get ultimate diet control and tracking! Watch the video below to see the Smart Diet Scale in action.

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Product Specifications

Additional Information

Capacity 5kg
Graduations 2g
Dimensions 225 x 265 x 30mm
Power supply Mains/Battery

Product Features


  • Complete diet control and tracking
  • Weighs up to four items at once
  • Weigh the elements of a full meal
  • Includes barcode scanner for instant data
  • Records food intake data via app
  • Measures calories, fat, carbs, protein, fibre, sugars and more
  • Stores your recipes
  • Food intake goals can be set
  • Intake can be tracked daily, weekly, monthly
  • Over 600,000 pre-installed food items
  • Easy to clean tempered glass top
  • iOS (v 8.0 and above)/android (v 4.4 and above) compatible; smartphone or tablet
  • USB connector
  • Runs on 4x AA batteries
  • Up to six personalised profiles can be set up
  • Stylish design


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