Marsden Launches NEW Wheelchair Scale

Marsden is pleased to introduce its New wheelchair scale, Marsden M-650.

The Marsden M-650 wheelchair scale has a large weighing platform to accommodate almost every wheelchair and a gentle incline on the ramps to enable ease of use.

M-650 Marsden

The wheelchair scale is a one piece unit and lifts onto fitted castors so that the wheelchair scale can be easily and safely transported, as well as providing a compact unit for easy storage. The scale has a Tare or pre-set, Tare so that the weight of the wheelchair is deducted before weighing the patient.

The scale weighs up to 300kg in 100g increments and has a rechargeable battery offering over 40 hours of continuous use.

The wheelchair scale offers the option of Bluetooth to send weight, BMI, time and date to data collection points in hospitals or care homes. It comes with an optional column to fit the weighing indicator or easy to fit handrails which can be used by bariatric patients or those unsteady on their feet.

Marsden M 650 Marsden M-650 with optional column | Marsden M-650 with optional handrails