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This year, we answered the prayers of dogs and cats the world over with the launch of our new veterinary scale - the V-22. A medium-sized veterinary scale, it has a capacity of 20kg and an accuracy of 5g. It also has a large, clear LCD display and is lightweight enough for portability and easy storage.

Crucially - to help save the dignity of nervous pets - the V-22 Veterinary Scale has a wipe-clean surface, making it a popular choice for pooches who get just a little too jittery at weight check time. It is suitable as both a cat scale and a dog scale,

To mark its success, we’ve created a free puppy chart for you to download. It’s a great reference for anyone visiting your veterinary practice who wants to make sure their canine friend is, well, fit as a butcher’s dog!

The Marsden Puppy Chart provides the ideal of weight of small, medium, large and giant dogs up to the age of two years. You can simply pop a puppy on your animal scales - and then show their owner the pet’s ideal weight!

Of course, the V-22 Veterinary Scale is the perfect size for measuring the weight of puppies - so the Marsden Puppy Chart complements our new scale perfectly!

The Marsden Puppy Chart is great for putting up in your waiting room or your consulting room.

To download the Marsden Puppy Chart, simply click the 'Puppy Weight Chart' link at the bottom of this post, then right click and save. You can save the Puppy Chart to your computer and then print out, A3 size, and pop it on your  consulting room (or waiting room) wall!

You can see our full range of veterinary scales by clicking here.

You can also find out more information about the ideal weight of a dog in this interesting blog post at

Puppy Weight Chart