New videos: Watch our medical scales in action

Recently, several members of the Marsden Weighing Group team ventured south to London and Sussex to record some new product videos. Three of those videos were shot in pharmacies in the beautiful village of Lindfield - and they're now available to watch.

In the videos, Marsden's Paul McCaig demonstrates the M-100, M-430 and MBF-6010 - three Class III approved digital medical scales that are perfect if you're a part of, or plan to be a part of, the NHS Health Check Programme. In fact - one of the pharmacies we shot in already had a MBF-6010 - meaning we didn't need to take one with us!

Watch the videos below, or via the individual product pages. All the weighing scales shown can be purchased directly through this website - with next day delivery available when ordered before 1pm Monday to Friday.

MBF-6010 Body Composition Scale

The MBF-6010 is a great medical scale for those wanting detailed information about a patient's health - like body fat mass, basal metabolic rate and body fat percentage. The version in the video, which you can also view here, comes with a printer so is ideal for use by casual visitors to your pharmacy, too. This body composition scale can also be purchased with a coin box.

M-430 Floor Scale

The ever-popular, standard digital floor scale, which is the modern alternative to the old fashioned mechanical floor scale. The M-430 can be found in GP surgeries, health centres and even gyms - as well as pharmacies of course. Its ease of use and portable, robust construction make it such a hit - as well as other features like tap-on, automatic hold of weight and non-slip surface. We also supply a Bluetooth-enabled version, as a telehealth solution for forward-thinking trusts and pharmacy groups. In fact, Boots began using Bluetooth-enabled M-430s earlier this year.

M-100 Column Scale

The M-100 Column Scale is also available with coin box and/or printer - the model shown in the video below has both the printer and coin box, and Paul demonstrates how easy these are to operate and why they are ideal for pharmacy use. The M-100 is available with either an automatic or manual height measure - the former, of course, displays the patient's height automatically on the screen; the latter is the version shown in the video. Again, a Bluetooth option can be purchased directly from the M-100 Column Scale product page.

If you have any questions about the products shown in the videos, just get in touch with us here. Thanks for watching!

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