Our latest scale revolutionises dieting...

As Christmas approaches, we’re all thinking about indulging in chocolate, turkey and our favourite tipple. New Year resolutions to lose weight and get fit and healthy probably feel like a long way off!

But if your plans for January 2016 will include cutting out the excess and watching what you eat, our latest product has come at the perfect time.

While it may just be a little too late to drop hints that you’d like this for Christmas (it won’t be available until mid-January - although you can pre-order now), the exciting new Smart Diet Scale is perfect for January dieting.

The Smart Diet Scale is a revolutionary food weighing scale. Developed in the US by inventor Nick Batsikouras, the Smart Diet Scale has been designed to meet the needs of the casual dieter, the diabetic and the serious athlete or bodybuilder.

Paired with a tablet/smartphone app, the Smart Diet Scale allows you to weigh each element of any meal, using four separate weighing pads.

Simply, pop the parts of your meal onto the Smart Diet Scale, one by one, and the weights will be transferred to your smartphone or tablet via the Smart Diet Scale app. The app will then provide you with all the nutritional information for your email - including calories, protein, sugars, vitamins and fat.

By using the Smart Diet Scale for every meal, you can build a history of your nutritional intake, and track your progress, too. Plus, you can set yourself goals, store recipes - and because the app knows the exact weight of the food you are eating, it’s likely to be far more accurate than the dieting apps so many of us are already using.

The Smart Diet Scale is small enough to take you with you to restaurants, too! Because as well as over 550,000 food items stored within the app, there’s also 106,000 restaurant items. It’s easy to use, as well - you can know exactly what you’re eating (and how much you can allow yourself!) in seconds.

We’ve started uploading information about the Smart Diet Scale to our website today (read about it here) - get your order in and start making it much easier and more fun to stick to your New Year resolutions!

The Smart Diet Scale is the first of many exciting products we’re launching in 2016 - keep a look-out on the Marsden blog during January for further announcements of brand new weighing solutions!

If you have any questions about the Smart Diet Scale, or any Marsden products, get in touch.

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