We tested our latest gym scale - find out what people said

Last year, we launched a splash-proof gym scale for leisure centres, swimming pools and health centres.

The M-160 Gym & Fitness Scale is a splashproof weighing solution that can handle wet feet, humid environments and regular washing down. It’s built from stainless steel and comes with an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of 67 - just one rating off being fully waterproof.

The M-160 was launched by Marsden at the end of last year, and to get an idea of what’s great about it, how it’ll fare when used on a regular basis, and how it compares with traditional gym scales, we gave the prototype M-160 to two potential users - a gym club in Oxfordshire, and a leisure complex in County Armagh.

The two M-160 ‘testers’ used the scale in different ways. Berinsfield Amatuer Boxing Club used the scale every single day - they keep a daily eye on their boxers’ weights and progress. The environment was generally dry - apart from sweaty feet! - whereas Waves Leisure Complex in Craigavon were delighted that the M-160 could be used by both wet and dry customers - either using the gym, or the swimming pool.

“Users liked the fact that the scales could be used even on the wet side of our facilities,” James from Waves Leisure Complex told us.

Another really pleasing bit of feedback was exactly how much the M-160 was used by Mel, who runs Berinsfield Amatuer Boxing Club. “In the time we had the M-160, it was used about 150 times,” he said - proving that this is a gym scale that can withstand constant use without any trouble.

The M-160 is available now - you can find full details here. We are yet to find another splashproof weighing scale designed with gyms in mind - and given the feedback we’ve had, we can’t wait to seeing it being used regularly in the wetter areas of gyms and leisure centres. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the scale.

You can read our latest case study about the M-160 gym scale here.

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