Smart Diet Scale proves popular with bodybuilders

Since we received our first batch of Smart Diet Scale samples just before Christmas, we’ve been getting it out there and front of the people who’ll use it most.

In particular, the Smart Diet Scale - a brand new diet monitoring weighing scale from the US - has been a big hit with bodybuilders. Check out the image left from Instagram: a post from a popular bodybuilder, Louise Rogers (Instagram name louise_ifbbpro).

Louise has been delighted that the Smart Diet Scale’s pre-installed food items (there are over 550,000 already in the app) also included many of the American products that she uses as part of her regime. When we spoke to her, Louise said: “It’s made the recording quite easy and also given me more insight into actually what is in my food.”

smart diet scale tee

Last week, Marsden’s Marketing Manager David ran the Winter Warmer 10K in Blackburn, promoting the Smart Diet Scale in the process (see left).

Then, in April, anyone running the ASICS Manchester Marathon will be able to find out more about the Smart Diet Scale - in their goody bag at the end of the run!

Finally, in January we met up with the English Institute of Sport - the guys behind TeamGB -  who were interested in using the Smart Diet Scale with their nutritionists and athletes. So far, they have taken one for trial - and we look forward to working with them more in the future.

The Smart Diet Scale is available now through our website here. It allows dieters, athletes and bodybuilders to track their nutritional intake and keep a daily record of their dieting progress.

Along with the Smart Diet Scale app, it’s the ultimate tool for calorie control - and as one Instagram user put it - a dieter’s dream!

If you would like more information about the Smart Diet Scale, download the product sheet, or contact us here.

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