The Smart Diet Scale: By those who use it

Since January, we’ve been following the Smart Diet Scale’s popularity on social media. Before it appears at the Ideal Home Show from next Friday (on their House of the Future stand) we thought we’d bring you some thoughts on using the Smart Diet Scale from three fans…

Psychotherapist and bodybuilder Louise Rogers of Bournemouth has a wealth of competition successes under her belt - including 1st place at the South Coast Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation Qualifier, and UK BodyFitness Champion 2008.

Louise began using her Smart Diet Scale in January, and now uses it daily to weigh out her carefully planned-out meals. Her scale has become an essential tool for competition diet preparation. Louise has been posting on Instagram here.

“It’s easy to use daily for each of my meals. I just keep it in the kitchen throughout the day,” she told us. “The biggest benefit is knowing the exact macros of my meals, meaning I don’t have to calculate it myself!”

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Sheffield student Keeley Hayler is currently studying for her Masters in Forensic Science, and has been using the Weightwatchers Propoints plan since 2014. She is also keen on ‘clean eating’ though - and her Smart Diet Scale has been helping her with that since February. Keeley has been posting on Instagram here.

Keeley told us: “The Smart Diet Scale has allowed me to save time by weighing out separate foods at the same time, and log them onto the app. It's convenient to use and is a great size for my kitchen. The coloured plates make it easy to separate out and weigh different food groups.”

Keeley now uses her scale for every single meal - and her favourite feature is “the easiness of weighing out your entire meal in one, not having to weigh one thing at a time and keep resetting it!”

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Muscle & Fitness magazine columnist Michelle Brannan comes from a background of Latin Dance. A fitness coach, Michelle is a British Bikini Champion and the founder of Showgirl Fitness. The Smart Diet Scale helps her track her meals in macros and calories - essential for keeping in competition-standard shape! Michelle has posted on Instagram here.

Michelle began using her Smart Diet Scale a couple of weeks ago, and likes that you can save dishes to the app. The scale has been popular with the girls that Michelle trains as part of Showgirl Fitness - so we’ll be interested to see how it helps them with staying trim and getting ready for competitions!

As for Louise - “I'm leaning up well - I have lost around 5lbs of fat in the last 3 weeks” she told us. We’d like to think the Smart Diet Scale had something to do with that! And Keeley says she now avoids “going over my daily allowance!”

The Smart Diet Scale will be on the House of the Future at the Ideal Home Show, taking place from 18th March to 3rd April at the Olympia, London. It will also be part of TV presenter Suzi Perry’s presentation in the Super Theatre on the opening day.

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