Why baby weighing is important: Free poster

The Marsden medical scales range includes several baby scales - and the importance of regular baby weighing means that these are very popular.

We also have two consumer baby scales - weighing scales that allows parents to keep track of their baby’s weight at home, without having to spend Class III Approved medical scale prices, or visit their local clinic.

But why is baby weighing so important?

A baby’s weight, particularly in the first few months of its life, is very important as a measure of how healthy the newborn is. Parents, and - particularly - doctors will need to know that the baby is growing properly, and digesting nutrients as it should.

Ideally, a baby’s weight will have doubled after four months, then be triple their birth weight at the 12 month mark, and be around four times their birth weight when they reach 2 years old.

To help with making sure a baby’s weight is where it should be each month, we’ve created a baby weight poster, which you can download below.

We have divided the poster into two, as boys generally weigh slightly more than girls, and given an explanation underneath as to how the charts should be followed. The thickest line is the ideal weight - if a baby is in the 50th percentile, they are the perfect weight! 50% of babies are below this line and 50% are above.

We’ve also included instructions on how to use the most popular of our baby scales, the M-300. That means you can weigh a baby on your baby scales using the instructions, and then check the relevant chart to see how well they’re doing!

To download the Baby Weight Chart, click on the link below, and then right click to save to your computer or print in A3 size.

To see our range of Class III Approved baby scales, click here. If you need help with choosing the right baby scale for your needs, contact us here.

Baby Weight Chart

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