Industrial scales: Summer offers on pallet trucks and more

Industrial platform scales, pallet truck scales and bespoke bench and floorscales are the focus of Marsden’s summer sale this month.

For one month, there are discounts on just about any industrial weighing solution you need.

In this blog post, we’ve taken a look at the highlights of our August sale.

Simply click the links to see the products, or get in touch with the Marsden team on 01709 364296 if you need more information.

Pallet truck scales

There are three pallet truck scales in the Marsden range: the standard PT-100, which is fitted with a 2-tonne capacity scale; the PT-200, which adds a printer for a record of the weight readings; and the PT-400, which is a stainless steel, IP67 pallet truck scale for harsh conditions.

The PT-100, however, is the most popular of the three. Easy to use, well-built - and now at just £566+VAT - it’s one of the easiest ways to weigh a pallet instantly. There’s a video on the PT-100 product page showing how easy it is to use.

Platform scales

Our offers on industrial platform scales continue, with our new P-NA-JWI Parts Counting Platform Scale now also included in the sale.

What would you need a parts counting platform scale for? Marsden’s counting scales are great for counting lots of small items - aiding inventory checks and helping with totalling outgoing shipments.

However, the P-NA-JWI means much larger quantities of items - or much larger items - can be counted easily. The JWI indicator is purpose-made for counting, with three bright, LED displays meaning you can see total counts and item weights at-a-glance.

And how much will speeding up inventory checks and order counting with a durable, easy to use scale set you back? Just £304+VAT: a bargain!

Our full range of discounted industrial platform scales can be seen here.

Bench and floor scales

A massive success in June, our sale on bench and floor scales in the HSS/MSS range is back for August.

These scales are great because of how bespoke the solutions are. You can choose capacity, graduation and base size. Plus, many scales in the HSS/MSS range have indicators with data transfer capabilities - meaning you can send weight or count data to a printer, PC or database.

There are so many options, it’s not easy to sum up the range with one product. However, the entry level model in the range is the MSS-I-100, which starts at just £172+VAT. This bench scale includes simple weighing and counting functions, a choice of capacities up to 150kg - and a bright, clear weight display.

You can see all the industrial scales in the HSS/MSS sale by clicking here.

Crane scales

Finally, while our current stocks of the OCS-X last, it’s just £167.75+VAT.

The real benefit of this crane scale is how robust it is. It’s made of tough but lightweight aluminium - and for safe weighing, it comes with a remote control so it can be controlled from a distance.

Plus, the weight reading shows clearly in red on the large LED display - perfect for those dimly-lit warehouses. Choose capacities between 1 and 5 tonnes.

For more information on any of the industrial weighing scales listed above, call the Marsden team on 01709 364296. You can order any of these discounted scales on our website or over the phone - with next-day delivery available!

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