We’ve launched two new white weighing scales for dementia patients

We’ve just added two new medical scales to our range - and we have specifically launched these as scales for dementia patients.

The M-650 Wheelchair Scale and M-420 Floor Scale have been two of our most popular medical scales in recent years.

As standard, both scales have black bases - but after consulting with experts, both are now available in white, which makes them much more suitable for patients who dementia, or visual/spatial problems.

Here is what you need to know about our newest arrivals.

Why have we launched scales in white?

We consulted with dementia experts throughout 2016 who recommended to us an alternative to our traditional black floor and wheelchair weighing scales.

The new white scales are designed for dementia patients to make them feel more comfortable in their surroundings.

They are aimed at those patients who experience vision / colour misconceptions. In the words of expert Pamela Buxton, the incorrect use of a pattern, colour or texture can result in “rising stress and increase the risk of falls among an already vulnerable user group.”

More information on can also be found here.

The need for dementia patients to be regularly weighed comes from previous research that has shown clear links between weight loss and dementia.

Weight loss occurs frequently in the later stages of dementia - one study even showed that weight loss may be an early indication of the condition. As time passes, weight loss is likely to become more pronounced.

About the new scales

The Marsden M-650 Wheelchair Scale: This Class III Approved scale has a large weighing platform which makes it suitable for any wheelchair. The scale can be used to calculate weight and BMI.

As well as being available in white, the scale can be ordered with one or two handrails for extra support for patients who wish to stand when being weighed. And, with Bluetooth connectivity (available as an optional extra) it can transfer weight data to medical records.

The Marsden M-420 Floor Scale: This scale has a 220kg capacity and readings to the nearest 50g. It’s Class III Approved, robust, lightweight and portable – with an optional carry case.

Used to calculate weight and BMI, the scale can be powered on without bending down via the tap-on function.

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