We’ve teamed up with Man V Fat to help support weight loss

With a firm reputation - and over 90 years experience - of weighing in the medical sector, Marsden has built a portfolio which includes being the leading provider of scales to NHS hospitals and supplying some of the country’s leading slimming groups.

We are a brand keen to support the fight against obesity, so have now joined forces with another leading slimming project: Man V Fat.

Man V Fat is a men-only slimming group which was set up by Andrew Shanahan - concerned that weight loss groups were too female-oriented.

Having found in our survey last year that GPs deal with four or more obesity-related issues every day, we're backing Andrew's aims and cause - and Marsden is now the weighing scales supplier for 70+ Man V Fat Football leagues across the UK and Ireland.

Man V Fat Football - and the need for weighing scales

Man V Fat originally started as a digital magazine, and was followed by a website and a best-selling book. In 2016, Andrew’s next step was to launch football leagues throughout the country - open to anyone wanting to lose weight.

The weighing process plays a key part in the game, as rules state:

“You and your team earn bonus goals from the weigh-in results which are added to the score on the football pitch. Uniquely, MAN v FAT Football rewards players not just for winning games but for losing weight.”

Why did Man V Fat turn to Marsden?

Realising their need for scales in their football leagues, Andrew contacted Marsden to discuss his options. He said: “We needed scales which could be used before each weekly football game in leagues around the UK. As players contribute to their teams by losing weight as well as scoring goals, they are weighed weekly on the scales to keep track of their weight loss.”

“It’s really motivating for the players to see the positive changes the football games are having on their weight and it also makes life easier for our coaches - they don’t have to worry about getting accurate readings because the scales are manufactured by Marsden and are Class III approved.”

He needed a high capacity portable scale that can be taken to matches for weighing players. They considered a number of options before deciding the M-540 was right for them.

Andrew continued: “It’s really important for us that our football coaches can easily transport the scales they use to weigh our players, so we wanted something that was portable but still highly reliable. As the scales are used week in week out we also wanted to ensure that we had something durable so that made the M-540 a great fit.”

Alongside the M-540, we also supplied them with two BFA-220Rs. Andrew added: “We also wanted scales that can measure body fat percentage and muscle mass as well as weight and BMI so that we can offer our players even more insights into how they’re doing, so the BFA-220 is perfect for this.

“As with the M-540, it’s still easy enough for our coaches to carry to matches and the added features are really interesting for the players, who have access to this information without having to visit a GP or specialist centre.”

For more information on Man V Fat, click here. You can sign up for Man V Fat Football here.

Marsden M-540: This Class III scale has a high capacity (weighing up to 250kg), easy to use functions and a clear, bright display. The scale is portable via an optional carry case, ensuring Andrew can easily transport the scale to matches.

Marsden BFA-220R: This body fat scale is also Class III Approved. It features measurements such as body fat percentage, total body water, fat mass and muscle mass - providing a comprehensive picture of body health.

For more information on any Marsden scale, call 01709 364296 or contact us here.

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