Obesity crisis: obesity causes more deaths than smoking

Obesity causes 47% more early deaths than tobacco – according to research by Cleveland Clinic and the New York University School of Medicine.

The researchers said that tobacco would have topped the list if it wasn’t for the global push to limit cigarette use – and experts are calling for a similar push on obesity.

A survey by Marsden last year revealed that 66% of GPs and pharmacies see four or more obese patients every day.

The new study

The obesity crisis is costing the NHS more than £5bn per year - and can lead to diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancers and mental illness.

In this new study, researchers examined the change in mortality for a series of hypothetical populations that each eliminated a single risk factor. They compared the result with the changes in life-years lost for an ‘optimal’ population that eliminated all modifiable risk factors.

Dr Glen Taksler, internal medicine researcher from Cleveland Clinic, said: “The reality is, while we may know the proximate cause of a patient’s death, for example, breast cancer or heart attack, we don’t always know the contributing factor(s), such as tobacco use, obesity, alcohol and family history.

“For each major cause of death, we identified a root cause to understand whether there was a way a person could have lived longer.”

What can be done?

According to Tam Fry from the National Obesity Forum, patients are not well enough informed about obesity.

“People in general aren’t well informed about the comorbidities of obesity. They don’t know the risks if you’re overweight and the risks of complications from that.

“Pharmacists need to be able to strike up conversations about weight in a sensitive way. Community pharmacies see their customers frequently so are well placed to offer the best advice.”

The Government has previously said that GPs should weigh a patient ‘by default’ when they have an appointment.

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