We’re supporting Lucy’s 500km cycle ride across Zambia for WaterAid

Next month, Lucy Pheiffer from Oxfordshire is cycling over 500km across Zambia, to raise money for two Malawi villages desperately in need of clean water and sanitary facilities.

Marsden is sponsoring Lucy’s impressive challenge for WaterAid, and you can too by clicking here.

But what inspired Lucy to commit herself to raising money for this cause - and how did Marsden get involved?

In rural Africa, access to clean water and sanitary facilities isn’t always freely available. Because of poor or non existent toilets, many people - particularly women - are missing out on education or work. WaterAid aims to do something about this.

Raising £2million in four years in order to bring better facilities to Malawi is no mean feat – but that’s the aim of the project that Lucy is fundraising for . The project - and the cause - is one that Lucy feels passionate about, and has led to her committing £4,000 of sponsorship money. To raise this money, Lucy is taking part in Cycle Zambia, a 536km cycle ride from Lusaka to Victoria Falls. Lucy has just six days to complete the journey.

The cause is the main reason for Lucy getting involved in Cycle Zambia, but there are two other reasons. One is Lucy’s willingness to overcome her fear of cycling after being knocked down by a car some years ago.

The other is in memory of her father. Lucy is the daughter of John Tooher, the former Managing Director of Marsden, who sadly passed away in 2007. John was instrumental in much of the change Marsden has gone through in the past 20 years that have seen the company evolve into the leading weighing scale manufacturer it is today. Lucy remembers her father cycling to work on many occasions, and it is for this reason that the Zambia challenge was even more appealing.

Lucy will set off for Zambia on 7th September, and will begin her challenge, clad in her WaterAid/Marsden cycling jersey, the following day.

Lucy believes that decent toilets and good hygiene should be a normal part of everyone’s daily life. “Without all three, people can’t live dignified, healthy lives. With all three, they can unlock their potential, break free from poverty and change their lives for good. With clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene, children are born healthier. They get the chance to go to school and grow up to become adults. Women and men get to earn a living. Whole communities start to thrive. It sounds normal and it should be.”

You can follow Lucy’s journey via her Instagram account.

Get more information about Marsden’s work with charities on this page.

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