Happy New Year! Our new baby scale arrives in 2019...

Happy new year from all at Marsden!

And to mark the arrival of a new year, we’ve got an arrival of our own to bring you.

The Marsden M-320 is a brand new baby scale, which combines Class III Approved accuracy with a lightweight, easy to carry design - perfect for health visitors and midwives. Here is all you need to know about the new scale.

Our lightest, Class III baby scale yet

The M-320 weighs just 2.4kg - making it lighter than any other Class III Approved baby scale we know. This ensures the scale is easy to carry and it's ideal as a portable scale.

The scale features a curved tray which holds the baby and ensures accurate weighing. If the patient is old enough, the tray simply slides off to reveal a weighing platform beneath.

The M-320 can be powered from the mains or by using four AA batteries.

The four year warranty provided with the scale is also double the industry standard for extra peace of mind. The M-320 will be launched in Spring 2019, but for now you can find out a bit more about it in our new 2019 medical catalogue, which can be downloaded below.

How often should babies be weighed?

Weighing babies is important as it can be an indication of poor health.

The NHS says that a baby should be weighed once a month until they are six months old, once every two months from 6-12 months and every three months aged one and above.

However if there are concerns with the baby’s health, more frequent assessment is encouraged.

You can browse Marsden’s full range of Class III Approved baby scales here.

Medical catalogue available

Marsden’s 2019 medical catalogue is available now. It features our range of Class III Approved medical scales, included the Patient Transfer Scale, which was launched at the end of 2018.

You can download the catalogue here.

For more information about any of our scales, call 01709 364296, contact us here or speak to us using our web chat facility.

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