The Marsden V-24: Introducing our new, ultra-lightweight veterinary scale

Marsden’s latest veterinary scale is perfect for weighing small pets - with 10g graduations it gives a highly accurate account of your pet’s weight.

From veterinary surgeries to kennels to farms and zoos, when it comes to animal weighing scales those from Marsden are used by hundreds of well known organisations nationwide.

The new V-24 is the latest in a long line of accurate veterinary weighing equipment - one of the lightest veterinary scales in our range. Here is all you need to know about our new addition.

Perfect for weighing small pets

The Marsden V-24 is designed for weighing small animals. With a 20kg capacity it is perfect for weighing cats, small dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs and more.

Changes to pet weight can be the first indication of poor health. The 10g graduations mean you can keep a track of the smallest changes in your pet’s weight.

It’s ultra-lightweight and highly portable

Weighing just 1.55kg, the V-24 is one of the lightest scales in the Marsden veterinary range.

It means this vet scale is perfect for switching between rooms in the veterinary surgery. 3 x AAA batteries power the scale, meaning it can be used regardless of where plug sockets are located.

The scale can operate for over 60 hours before batteries need to be replaced.

It features a removable tray

Part of the V-24’s sleek, modern design is the removable tray which adds flexibility. Pets can be weighed on the sculpted tray, or the tray can be removed to reveal a smaller platform underneath - which is perfect for smaller pets like hamsters and guinea pigs.

Easy to use weighing functions

The scale features a Tare function which can remove any unwanted weight, such as the weight of a blanket.

The Hold function means the weight reading will stabilise on the scale’s display - highly convenient if the animal is moving around. Further, it will leave the reading fixed to the display after the pet has left the scale.  

What can the V-24 be used for?

For tracking the weight of puppies: The V-24 is perfect for weighing puppies during the early months in their lives. The Veterinary Expert recommends that newborn puppies are weighed every 24 hours. You can track weight against this puppy weight chart to ensure your pet is growing at a healthy rate.

Puppy Weight Chart

Puppy Weight Chart

For tracking pet obesity: Pet obesity is the number one issue facing vets - with 58% of dogs and cats overweight according to this Marsden survey - yet less than 10% of owners recognise their pet is not in shape. Using the V-24 means vets and owners can check the weight of their pet. You can use this free guide for a healthy dog to help manage their weight.

For weighing small zoo animals: Animal weigh-ins are commonplace at zoos all around the world as they provide a concrete measurement to evaluate the effectiveness of zoo care. Large and small Marsden veterinary scales are already used by zoos to check the weight of animals. The V-24 is perfect for weighing animals like lemurs, small primates, otters, red pandas and meerkats - just the like the V-25 was used in this case study.

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To view alternative weighing scales for dogs, read this buyers’ guide or view our full veterinary scales range here.

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