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A new report by the Pet Food Manufacturers Association has revealed that 51% of dogs, 44% of cats and 29% of small mammals are overweight or obese.

In response, today we’re launching a survey in partnership with Burgess Pet Care, to find out how often pets are weighed, where they are weighed and how frequently pets are fed.

We need as many pet owners as possible to complete the survey - and all who enter have the chance of winning a vet scale and six months’ supply of Burgess pet food! The Great British Pet Survey can be found here.

Pet obesity a concern

The PFMA report claims that 100% of pet owners are concerned about pet obesity; almost 600,000 pets in the UK are believed to be overweight, a considerable increase over the past five years, the report says. You can read more here.

A pet’s weight can be the first and sometimes the only indicator of health problems, so having an accurate weight reading is vital. According to specialists ‘pet obesity is the number one issue facing vets’. Therefore, having an accurate pet weighing scale is vital for maintaining your pet’s health.

Previous pet weight research

Previous research by Marsden in 2016 found 58% of dogs and cats were overweight. However, less than 10% of pet owners realised their pet was overweight, which means that their quality of life could be affected. 

By weighing your pet on a regular basis you can spot issues with growth and take appropriate action - whether that is a change to exercise routine or diet, or speaking to your vet for advice. Using Marsden’s pet weighing scales, you can monitor your pet’s weight and track any changes over time.

Weighing scales for pet food

Marsden scales can also be used to weigh out the healthy amount of food needed for your pet. Vets recommend that pet food is weighed to control consumption. The food label will provide information on the amount of pet food which is suitable to eat. The Marsden IP-2101 and Jadever JWE are two such scales that can be used for weighing pet food.

Along with portion control, it’s equally as important to feed your pet high quality, healthy food. Pet food has never been better researched with recipes created using the latest in nutritional science to calculate the correct balance of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and fats. The amounts of these ingredients that your pet requires throughout the various stages of their life can change – For example, a puppy needs a different blend than an elderly dog – so this is something else to think about. 

Quality complete pet food contains a correct balance of all the nutrients your companion needs – human food doesn’t contain all of these essential nutrients in the right amounts. Burgess has a great range of complete pet food, with something to suit almost every pet. 

Marsden veterinary scales range

You can see Marsden’s full veterinary scales range by clicking here.

The survey only takes five minutes and will help us gain an understanding of pet owners’ knowledge and attitude towards helping their pets maintain a healthy weight - This will help pet professionals provide better weight management support to the UK’s pets and their owners. 

Please note - The survey closing date is 31 August 2019.

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