New Trade Approved scales provide accuracy, easy of use and compliance

Trade Approved scales must, by law, be used when weighing an item to determine its price.

However, despite the use of unsuitable - non-approved - weighing equipment for such a purpose meaning you could be fined £1000, awareness is low. Some businesses only realise when visited by Trading Standards.

Which brings us to the latest range of industrial weighing scales from Marsden: the I-400-APP range.

Building on the success of our I-400 scales, launched in 2017 and featuring a tough, modern, easy to use indicator, the I-400-APP range includes platform, drive thru, bench, beam and U frame scales.

These scales cover most applications where a Trade Approved scale is required.

What are Trade Approved scales for?

If an item is priced based on its weight, then the scale used to determine the weight must be Trade Approved.

Take, for example, a drinks company. Each bottle shows the weight on the side, and each bottle has a fixed price. The drinks company must therefore ensure that every bottle sold weighs exactly as stated on the bottle (although if the weight is suffixed by an ‘e’ - estimated - it’s a little different).

Another example - again, a drinks-based one - would be a brewery, selling kegs to customers. The brewery sells kegs to its customers at a fixed price per keg. ‘Flood filling kegs would not form an adequate defence to any allegation of short measure,’ Craig Fisher of Sheffield Trading Standards told us earlier this year. Read more here.

Trade Approved scales for pallet weighing

The MSS-I-400-APP Bench Scale aside, all the options available right now are perfectly suited to weighing palletised goods. This is ideal if, say, you’re weighing large items before shipping out to customers.

If you’re short of space, choose the UF-1200-I-400-APP U Frame Scale - a portable scale designed specifically for easy pallet weighing, that can be stored away when not needed.

Alternatively, choose the PB-1200-I-400-APP Weigh Beams. Again, these are portable - with handles and wheels - but with the added bonus of allowing you to weigh items of almost any size or shape. This is because the beams can be positioned the required distance apart to support the item they are weighing. However, they are most commonly used for pallet weighing.

The P-I-400-APP is a standard mild steel platform scale, with a capacity of 3000kg. It’s this capacity and rugged durability that makes platform scales the biggest seller of all the options here.

Finally, there is the DT-I-400-APP Drive Thru Scale. Drive thru scales are perfect if you want to speed up weighing operations. Simply roll a pallet truck onto the scale to weigh your pallet. Marsden drive thru scales are low profile too, which means less effort required to load the scale.

Trade Approved bench scales

The MSS-I-400-APP Bench Scale is the Trade Approved equivalent of the MSS-I-400, a best-selling Marsden bench scale in both 2018 and 2019.

Choose from a large selection of capacity options, from 3kg to 150kg, and three different base sizes.

Key features of the I-400-APP indicator

Just like the non-approved I-400 indicator, the I-400-APP has a robust, hardwearing casing, a large bright 32mm LED display, and easy to use functions. It means all of the scales in this range have:

Tare: Remove unwanted weight from the reading, like the weight of a pallet, with the touch of a button

Hold: Stabilise the weight reading on the display

Accumulation: Add up several weight readings to give you a total weight on the display

Wall bracket: A bracket is provided with the indicator. The MSS-I-400-APP’s indicator is mounted on a column but can be supplied without the column if desired.

Large display: One of the biggest benefits of the I-400-APP indicator is the 32mm LED display, which can be seen in almost any lighting conditions.

Speak to our team

If you want to find out more about the new I-400-APP range of Trade Approved scales, speak to our team. You can send us a message here.

Look out for videos showing the benefits of I-400-APP scales in the coming weeks.

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