Paediatric Weighing: Dublin's new children's hospital

Work is underway on Dublin's New Children's Hospital, on the campus of St. James's Hospital in a long awaited amalgamation of the three tertiary children's hospitals.

The build (currently in phase 2 of its build) will be ireland’s first public digital hospital with a huge focus on providing better pediatric care. We take a look at the best methods of paediatric weighing in the new hospital.

NCH state that “By merging three children’s hospitals into one, all the paediatric specialists will be working under one roof. This means that children who are very sick, in particular, those who have complicated health issues, can be treated without having to go to different hospitals.”

This makes sense as last month over 48 children have been left on trolleys due to hospital overcrowding. Children with more complex needs will now be directed immediately to the correct receiving areas. The Tri-location format is said to have many benefits. Not only will the hospital have 39 specialities and advanced facilities -  It is recognised international best practice* from a clinical perspective to locate children’s hospitals on the same campus as an adult teaching hospital and a maternity hospital.* *The Dolphin Report 2012. / Mc Kinsey Report: Ministerial National Paediatric Hospital Independent Review 2011 (Part 2): Clinical Analysis/ The Bristol Inquiry 2001/ The Scottish Review of Paeditric services 2004.

Dublin's New Children's Hospital is said to have planned state-of-the-art operating theatres, including specialist theatres for for heart surgery, neurosurgery and orthopedics. Theatres will also have special areas for emergency procedures, as well as interventional theatres. This paves the way for predicted developments in radiology and other surgical advancements. 

Where the status quo of overcrowded hospitals and staff shortages in Ireland is impacting not only patient outcomes but the mental health of staff, this is a welcome development. Our experts at Marsden believe that having the right tools are vital to the wellbeing of staff and of course patient outcomes. 

Patient weight is of the highest importance when it comes to paediatrics. The size and weight of children can vary dramatically;  equally drug doses are much smaller than in adults and require a higher level of accuracy. 

Marsden Marketing Director David Smith says “an incorrect dosage could have a far greater negative effect on a child than in an adult due to smaller margins for error.” 

To reduce any risk of incorrect dosage in children and provide optimum care,  here are the five most important weighing scales for Dublin's New Children's Hospital:

1.The Patient Transfer Scale - M999

The Patient Transfer Scale was invented by an ED nurse to eliminate the need for patient weight estimation. The scale debuted in Ireland in 2019, and can weigh children via transfer from trolley to trolley or trolley to bed in a matter of seconds. The Patient Transfer Scale is vitally important to multiple receiving areas and oncology departments as the quickest and most gentle method of weighing children.   

The Patient Transfer scale is the new system of weighing immobile patients with ease. If you would like a demonstration in your area contact us HERE

2.Marsden M-100W Column Scale

Today, most new hospitals are built with Wifi in mind. The Marsden M-100W is a robust, premium quality column scale with height measure and wifi connectivity. This Class III Approved medical scale is very easy to operate, and ideal for outpatient areas.

As all new hospitals are equipped with wifi connectivity, the M-100 comes with wifi capability for easy transfer of data. The height measure makes this scale vital to paediatrics where medicine is given based on both height and weight. 

The M-100’s unique design means it easily fits into the corner of a room, so much needed space is utilised efficiently. 

3.Marsden M-300 Portable Baby Scale 

The M-300 is a must have Class III baby scale. Super portable with an ergonomic design, the M-300 is a favourite with doctors, midwives and lactation specialists alike. It’s unique Tare function is accurate enough to determine milk intake and the scale itself can weigh accurately from just 2g. 

4.Marsden M-410BT Baby/Toddler Scale with Bluetooth Connectivity

Another robust baby to toddler scale that has multiple department benefits. The handy removable tray is ideal for babies from 10g and once removed can weigh children up to 10kg. The bluetooth capability means that When a baby or child is on the scale, the weight reading, once stabilised, will transmit from the scale to another device or to a database. 

5.Marsden M-210 Chair Scale

The M-210 is a high accuracy, Class III Approved chair scale ideal for children where mobility is limited. A practical way to attain an accurate weight prior to treatment, the M-210 has a capacity of 250kg and an accuracy of 50g. A range of accessories are available for printing and recording weight data. The M-210 is Marsden’s most popular chair scale. 

Available for purchase with Wifi connectivity, the M-210 is compatible with your own software following configuration. 

For information regarding Marsden scales head to our contact page HERE. We have a dedicated team available to discuss your hospital’s needs 

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