We've launched a reusable face shield - and you can buy it now

Since the outbreak of coronavirus in the UK, there has been a chronic PPE shortage, with supplies in some areas running critically low by April.

British manufacturing companies, however, have stepped in and turned their production facilities over to gowns, masks and gloves. Now, Marsden has joined the efforts, with a lightweight, high quality reusable face shield.

Having already switched attention to providing non-contact thermometers to the NHS, care homes, businesses and the public, this month Marsden has partnered with medical device design house PD-M to to make this essential piece of equipment available.

The reusable face shield was created under guidance from a Professor of Surgery at Leeds Teaching Hospital, and is a direct response to the needs of the NHS to help and treat coronavirus patients safely and comfortably.

The result is a face shield that is not only comfortable and easy to assemble, wear and clean, but is entirely reusable. Currently face masks and shields are typically one-use, adding to cost, waste and landfill. A reusable face shield that’s made from high quality materials and is long lasting helps safeguard against future PPE shortages.

Created in under five weeks

The reusable face shield was created in under five weeks, a response to both the national PPE shortage, and the rise in ‘makeshift’ protective wear that began to appear around the country to help the NHS.

“I noticed there was a sudden rise in individuals around the UK creating face shields to help the NHS fight coronavirus," says Richard Hall, who led the project. "I realised that, with our medical device expertise, we could positively, capably contribute and create something that was up to the job, cost-effective and, importantly, reusable.”

“A reusable face shield can be cleaned quickly and easily, and helps reverse the issue of low PPE stocks. It also means less waste.”

“We were aware of the PPE crisis about five weeks ago with information from the frontline,” says Richard. “We then did a design sprint in conjunction with an experienced clinician in order to create a solution.”

Face shields for frontline workers

After donating early batches of face shields to frontline and key workers - including 50 to Harrogate Hospital - production was scaled up and Marsden began working to bring the face shield to market.

Now, 750 can be manufactured every week in Rotherham, to meet the high demand for increased staff, customer and patient protection against COVID-19 transmission.

Whereas many solutions that frontline workers have used over the last two months have been uncomfortable - even sometimes causing injury - and single use, these reusable face shields are comfortable, provide 180 degree vision and can be worn over eyewear and face masks.

Says Richard: “The materials we are using for the visor is PETG which is high quality, optically clear and robust. The headband part is polypropylene which is lightweight, adjustable and comfortable.”

Buying face shields

You can buy our face shields now, through our website, in packs of 50. To find out more, click here.

If you need large batches of face shields, please email sales@marsdengroup.co.uk.

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