Marsden IP rated scales explained - video

A standard weighing scale isn’t suitable for every environment. If the scale is likely to get wet, or dusty, then it’s important that it carries an IP rating.

IP rated scales are protected from ingress of water and dust - therefore, they’re likely to last longer in harsh environments than non-IP scales. In our latest video, we introduce some of Marsden’s stainless steel scales that benefit from an IP rating.

What does the IP rating mean?

IP ratings are an international standard used to measure an item’s resistance to liquids and particles. This makes IP rated scales a popular choice for many reasons.

The first digit of an IP rating refers to an item’s protection from dust ingress. The second digit refers to moisture ingress protection. The higher the number the better the protection, so in case of Marsden scales, an IP68 scale is better protected than IP67 scales.

The purpose of a universal IP rating system is to give users confidence in the safety and durability of a device in specific environments. For anyone buying Marsden weighing scales with IP ratings, it provides the reassurance that they are purchasing a scale built to last in damp, wet or dusty locations.

Who uses waterproof scales?

Scales with an IP rating can be used in any setting where they may get wet or dusty.

Typical applications for IP rated scales include food factories, shops such as fishmongers and bakeries, and waste plants.

As well as being protected from ingress, Marsden IP scales are also stainless steel. Stainless steel scales are more resistant to corrosion, and for customer-facing applications, they look more professional, too.

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Marsden IP rated scales

At Marsden, we have given all of our IP rated scales clear definitions that make them easier to understand. A scale with a rating of IP65 is considered a wipe down scale. Any scale that has earned an IP rating of IP67 is splashproof and all IP68 scales are waterproof.

An IP68 scale is not only dust tight and fully protected against dust and other particles, but it’s also protected against submersion in water deeper than 1 metre. Watch the video and see our IP68 waterproof scale, the B-100, dipped in a bucket of water and still come out working.

Marsden IP rated scales

The Marsden HSS-I-100SS Bench Scale is one of our IP65 weighing scales. It has an IP65 stainless steel indicator, with easy to use functions. IP65 rated scales have protection from moisture when, for example, they’re wiped down with a damp cloth.

The base however is actually IP67, with encapsulated loadcells for even better protection.

Our B-400 and B-450 are both examples of IP67 rated scales, and these can withstand more challenging environments.

The Marsden B-100 is an IP68 waterproof scale that can be fully submerged in water and still work perfectly fine afterwards.

Likewise, the Digi DS-781SS Retail Scale and the Marsden HSS-I-400SS Bench Scale are IP68 and designed for the harshest conditions - whether that’s something like a fishmongers in the case of the DS-781SS, or a food factory in the case of the HSS.

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