Car seat laws are changing: what you need to know

Car seat laws are changing: what you need to knowCar seat laws in the United Kingdom are changing – placing even greater emphasis on your child’s weight.

Changes are being made to the weight and height at which a child will be allowed to use a backless booster seat – and will affect families across the UK.

Two thirds of parents aren’t aware of height, age and weight regulation according to last year’s report, so here is what you need to know.

What about the law is changing?

The new safety standards for car seats are being implemented across the European Union by the United Nations.

Previously, the law stated that parents can provide backless booster seats for children who weigh 15kg. The new rules mean children must now weigh at least 22kg and are taller than 125cm to use the seats – stressing the need to weigh and measure children before use.

Experts believe that a booster seat of this type is unsuitable for such young children - it’s not secure enough and doesn’t provide adequate protection for the child if you were to be involved in a crash.

PC Laura Stewart, who is raising awareness of the law changes in Workington, Cumbria said: “It is very important that parents fully understand the current laws regarding booster seats so that they don’t fall foul of the law, and – most importantly – they are able to keep their children as safe as possible.”

What can you do next?

Anyone found breaking the new regulations could face a £500 fine, so it is recommended your child is weighed prior to purchasing your car seat. You can do this by ordering the following from scales from Marsden:

The Marsden BAS-250: Perfect for weighing in the home, this toddler scale has a capacity of 25kg and graduations to 10g. Plus with a height measure included, you can ensure your child is tall enough to meet the regulations, too.

The Marsden M-410: Our portable, lightweight baby and toddler scale is suitable for weighing children up to 50kg. A popular choice for weighing children across the NHS, this scale is Class III Approved and is highly accurate to 10g.

The new legislation will come into effect from March 2017.

If you are a car seat dealer keen to ensure your customers are meeting the regulations, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch using the contact details below.

For any enquiries linked to our baby and toddler scale range, get in touch by calling 01709 364296 or contact us here.

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