Obesity crisis: Excess weight linked to hard-to-treat heart failures

Obesity crisis: Excess weight linked to hard-to-treat heart failuresAs the leading weighing provider to NHS hospitals, at Marsden we are determined to help in the fight against obesity.

If you have downloaded our recent Am I Overweight?’ poster you’ll know that being overweight or obese can cause Type 2 Diabetes, Strokes and Cancer.

Now, research from UT Southwestern Medical Centre has found evidence that excess weight is linked to hard-to-treat heart failures. And as GPs, pharmacists and hospitals are best placed to inform patients about the dangers of obesity these findings will be of interest to them.

Excessive weight is associated with heart failure with poor prognosis

Being overweight - and not exercising - is strongly associated with the most severe forms of heart failure, the Medical Centre has found.

Incidents of heart failure were 19% higher for individuals who do not exercise at recommended levels - and a similar trend was found with BMI - their research stated.

Dr Jarett Berry, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at UT Southwestern, said: “Previous studies have consistently found an association between low levels of physical activity, high BMI and overall risk of heart failure.

“But this study shows that the association is more pronounced for heart failure with ejection fraction - the type of heart failure that is most challenging to treat.”

Read the full story here.

Dangers of Obesity - and the solutions

Obesity is currently costing the global economy £1.6tn and Marsden found that GPs see more than four obese patients every day, following a survey of GPs last year.

To combat the epidemic, the Government has backed ‘weighing by default’ when a patient visits a GP - and this action should also occur when a patient is admitted to hospital, according to our new white paper.

Yet, the white paper also found that weighing is becoming less frequent in some areas - and the lack of a risk assessment could result in lives being lost.

What to do next

GPs and pharmacies can do more to inform patients about the risks of being overweight - and by placing this poster on your centre’s wall, your patients can calculate their BMI quickly and easily. You can also use this poster to advise recommended calorie intake.

For weighing patients, the Marsden M-550 is ideal to calculate weight and BMI - and it has a large platform and a 200kg capacity making it suitable for overweight patients.

For larger patients, we have a bariatric scales range. The Marsden M-530 Floor Scale offers capacities to 500kg.

For bedbound patients, the new Marsden M-955 is purpose-built for hospital Medstrom beds. Four weighing pads ensure it is a portable weighing solution - with the Tare function ensuring the value of the bed can be easily removed from the total weight. Alternatively, the low profile Marsden M-950 weighing pads are perfect for almost any bed.

For more information about any of our scales, contact us here or call 01709 364296.

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