Buyers' Guide: Chair Scales

Buyers' Guide: Chair ScalesMarsden’s range of Class III Approved chair scales are the ideal solution for weighing patients who are unable to stand on a floor scale.

Each Marsden chair scale is different to the next - with a different seat sizes, capacities and accuracy levels available - making each chair suitable for a different purpose.

And, as we know you’ll want a chair scale which is suitable for your weighing needs - we’ve put this blog post together to help.

For larger users and bariatric patients

Marsden’s M-200 scale is built for use by larger users and bariatric patients - thanks to the scale’s high capacity (choose from 250kg or 300kg capacity options) and spacious weighing seat.

This is Marsden’s premium chair scale, built with high quality components for highly accurate weighing.

In fact, the scale’s accuracy to 50g increments means that this chair scale is suitable for all hospital weighing procedures - up to and including measuring weight for critical treatment. Find out more in this white paper.

The M-200 is also suitable for care home use. Find out more in this case study.

Just as accurate, but more affordable

Marsden’s M-210 Professional Chair Scale is suitable for non-bariatric hospital patients - and it’s just as accurate as the M-200 but at a lower cost.

The weight of this scale is 18kg - compared to 27kg for the M-200 - making it lightweight and easy to manoeuvre between rooms.

For security and comfort, it’s fitted with brakes, footrests and armrests. Optional Bluetooth is also available, to transfer data from the scale to the patient’s record.

For the elderly, disabled and care home patients

Though greater accuracy solutions are encouraged, for weighing in care homes a 50g graduation isn’t a necessity - so the Marsden M-220 is the ideal solution for weighing in care homes.

This low cost option is ideal for weighing elderly and disabled patients, with a 250kg capacity. It is also lightweight, portable and battery powered so care home staff can easily move it between rooms.

Our full range of care home scales can be found here.

All Marsden chair scales feature a BMI function, and the M-200 and M-210 have the option of Bluetooth or USB connectivity for transferring patient weight information to a central database. The full chair scale range can be viewed here.

For wheelchair patients with their own chair, we also have a range of wheelchair weighing scales - which the patient can be wheeled onto and be weighed.

For more information about Marsden chair scales, call 01709 364296 or contact us here.

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