Four reasons to buy our new lowest-priced Trade Approved bench scale

Four reasons to buy our new lowest-priced Trade Approved bench scaleWe’ve just added a new product to our industrial bench scales range: The Jadever JWL, a Trade Approved bench scale.

But what sets this scale apart from the other bench scales, and Trade Approved scales in our range? Here are four reasons why you should consider this versatile scale from Jadever, now available to order directly from Marsden through this website today.

1. It’s our lowest-priced bench scale

Before the JWL, the lowest priced Trade Approved bench scales in the Marsden range were the DS-502, an IP65-rated bench scale from Digi, or the Marsden MSS-I-100-APP. If you wanted a simple check weigher that was approved (meaning goods could be bought or sold based on the weight the scale provided) these were probably a little too much of an investment for some businesses.

Remember, if you are buying or selling at a price that is based on an item’s weight, legally the weighing scale you use must be Trade Approved.

The Jadever JWL is just £120+VAT (although if you buy before 30th April 2017 it’s £110+VAT!) - which, aside from the Digi DS-781 Retail Scale, makes it currently our lowest priced Trade Approved scale overall.

2. It has a wide weighing area

For such a low-priced scale, the JWL has a generously-sized stainless steel weighing area. It’s not quite as versatile as the MSS-I-100-APP, which is available with a choice of base sizes, but it is larger than the DS-502.

The large area for weighing on the JWL means it’s perfect for check weighing larger items, or a larger number of items - there’s a 30kg capacity version too. We see the JWL as aa great scale for check weighing items in factories or warehouses before they’re despatched.

3. Easy to use functions will speed up weighing processes

We know that, in most cases, weighing is an essential step to ensure that you maintain consistency in size, quality, quantity and value for money when selling or sending out goods. In the case of using Trade Approved scales, of course, it also means ensuring the right weight is taken in order to determine a price.

But we also know that time is money. So the JWL helps speed up the weighing process with a number of easy to use functions.  Accumulation means you can add up a number of weights easily. Simply add an item to the scale, remove it, add another item - and the scale will total up the two readings. There’s also a simply Counting function allowing you to count multiple items of the same weight - for example bolts, electrical components - even greetings cards!

Additionally, a hi/lo visual and audible alarm means, if you have a set weight your items need to be, the scale will tell you whether the items you’re weighing are meeting that target, without you having to memorise the target weight. This is especially useful if you’re weighing multiple small items, and adding them to the scale one by one to reach a target total weight.

4. It’s very portable - use it anywhere!

The JWL has an internal rechargeable battery - with a full charge, this will last 200 hours. That means, even with regular daily use, it could be weeks or even months between charges! This scale is also very lightweight, meaning moving it from one place to another in your business is no problem. In fact, it weighs just 1.8kg - nothing at all!

For more information about the Jadever JWL, and to purchase this scale for £110+VAT before the end of April, click here. Contact us if you have any questions about finding the right scale for your needs. If you’re unsure whether you should be using a Trade Approved weighing scale or not, read this blog post.

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