Reducing production waste with a counting scale - our new white paper

Reducing production waste with a counting scale - our new white paperProduction waste is an unwanted business cost - and one that could increase due to rising disposal costs, regulation and changes in customer demand.

You can help to reduce the cost implications of production waste, as well as their environmental effects - by reading our new white paper.

The guide explores the stages of production waste - and the benefits of lean production. It can be downloaded free below.

There are seven stages of production waste

When lean production originated in the Toyota Production System in Japan, they identified three general forms of waste - unproductive waste, inconsistent waste and unreasonable waste.

From here, seven stages at which production waste can be saved were identified.

Weighing scales - and in particularly counting scales - can be used to identify and therefore reduce business waste. In turn, making businesses more efficient.

Choosing a counting scale

When selecting a counting scale for your production processes, Marsden has a range of counting scales which can be tailored to what you are weighing. To give you more help we’ve put together this Buyers’ Guide, and this blog post with more helpful tips.

For highly precise parts counting, the Jadever JCE has graduations to 0.1g and has an internal counting resolution to 1/600,000.

Marsden’s most affordable counting scale is the new Jadever JCO. It’s also the most lightweight scale, for easy portability around your factory.

The Marsden C-100 is a highly accurate, easy to use digital counting scale. It has 99 PLUs to store items on the scale’s memory and save production time.

Alternatively our JIK range can be used for weighing or counting. They have data transfer capabilities, so weight and count readings can be recorded on a spreadsheet throughout the production process. This further helps with inventory control, production control and compliance.

For more information about any of our counting scales, contact us here or call 01709 364296.

Download the white paper here

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