P-NA-JDI: How to get the most out of our touchscreen platform scale

marsden platform scalesMarsden’s P-NA-JDI Platform Scale is a robust, durable platform scale with a difference.

All Marsden platform scales with a mild steel platform feature a hard wearing durbar plate, heavy duty levelling feet and a choice of dimensions, capacities and graduations.

But unlike the rest of the range, this scale features an easy to use touchscreen indicator - packed with sophisticated functions for simple, heavy duty weighing, weight reading traceability and monitoring production quality. Here’s how it works.

How to use the P-JDI

Turn the scale on, and the homescreen will display four options: weight, count, setup and stock.

Using the weight function

Press the weight button and add your item to the scale. The weight will automatically calculate on the display.

You can increase the size of the reading by pinching the monitor - making it perfect for viewing from long distance.

Using the count function

Add a sample to the scale, press count and type in the number of items you wish to count.

You can add as many items as you need to the scale, and it will display the unit weight, total weight and count information.

You can save the count by pressing the Store button - and you can view these readings by pressing UW lookup.

Transfer data to a PC

This scale features an RS-232 port which means it can be used to transfer data from the scale to a PC.

To do this, plug a u-key cable (or wireless u-key) into the JDI indicator and the opposite end into a PC. Open Excel on your computer and prepare the spreadsheet how you wish for data to be displayed. Ensure the display is showing zero before you start weighing, and as you add items to the scale your spreadsheet will automatically populate.

Printing weight readings

The scale can also be connected to a GP-2120 sticky label printer, meaning weight readings can be printed out. Simply press the print button once the printer is connected.

The beauty of using the JDI indicator for weight readings is that, unlike any of the other Marsden platform scales, you can set up the labels you wish to print exactly as you need them. A barcode can be created and added, plus weight, count, company name, time, date and location.

Using your fingers to position the data where you’d like to see it on the print out, you can create labels that will help you record weight, add labels with weight data, time weighed and location of weighing to palletised shipments and even label stock in your stores. For help and information with creating your own label formats, contact the Marsden team.

For more information on the P-NA-JDI click here or watch the video below.

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To find out more about any of our weighing scales call 01709 364296 or contact us here.

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