How to get the most out of your retail scale - part 2

How to get the most out of your retail scale - part 2In February of this year, we published a blog post to help you get the most out of your retail scale.

But there are so many benefits of choosing this type of scale, we couldn’t possibly fit them all in one solitary blog post.

So we’ve put together a sequel - with even more helpful tips for you to read. Find out more on the capabilities of our retail scales which can improve your weighing processes by continuing reading.

Accumulation speeds up weighing

The Jadever JPL features an accumulation function meaning you can add the total price of several weight readings - i.e, several items being purchased.

To use this feature, place the first item to be weighed on the scale, and enter the unit price. The weight, unit price and total price will be displayed.

By pressing M+, the displayed price will be added to the accumulation memory. You can then remove the item and repeat this process for the remaining items.

To accumulate the price of non-weighing items, input the value of the unit price. Press ‘Q’TY’ and key in the number of items. The total price is calculated and you can press ‘+’ to store it in the accumulation memory.

Stable indication for use in windy conditions

How to get the most out of your retail scale - part 2

Retail scales have a stable indication function which will notify you on the stability of the display.

For example, if the scale is used outside in windy conditions the stable indicator will show whether or not the display is showing a reliable weight reading not affected by wind, or other elements. To ensure your retail scale's reading is steady and reliable ensure that the Stable icon (pictured) is showing on the screen.

This is not to be confused with the spirit level, which indicates whether the scale is level.

Battery power for use anywhere

The Digi DS-781 and DS-781SS are powered by replaceable batteries. This feature makes the scale ideal for market traders as it means it can be taken and used anywhere.

Compared to rechargeable batteries which need to be charged via the mains when they run out of power - a replaceable battery can be switched at the point of use.

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