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weighing childrenWeighing for medical purposes requires accuracy and diligence.

When you are weighing children or babies, however, the precision needs to be even greater, taking into account their smaller size and how much difference a small change in weight can make.

Accurately weighing children and babies is vital to monitoring their health, and in our latest free guide we cover everything from preparing to weigh, to carrying out the procedure effectively, to recording the weight reading afterwards.

Weighing provides a guide that can be used to monitor whether a child is of a healthy weight, overweight or underweight. Poor growth may be the first (or only) indicator for a concern, with many diseases for example not displaying other obvious symptoms.

Regular measurements of a child's weight can help diagnose problems. Additionally, weight will need to be used when accurately calculating drug doses and treatment.

In our guide, which you can download below, expert advice and guidance has been sourced from Great Ormond Street Hospital (where all babies and young children are weighed with 24 hours of admission), Nursing Times and from our own expertise as a weighing scales manufacturer and supplier of 91 years' standing.

We have also included a number of suitable medical scales in the guide, that can be used for weighing children and babies. For example, the Marsden M-230 Chair Scale has a high accuracy of 50g appropriate for weighing children. Our M-400 and M-410 are scales suitable for babies as well as young children who are able to stand, with a removable baby tray. The Marsden M-700 is a 3-in-1 scale suitable for weighing babies, children and even adults.

Additionally, we have included appropriate accuracies required depending on the age of the child, which are recommended by the UK Weighing Federation (UKWF).

Of course, if you are intending to weigh babies and children and need help with choosing the right weighing scale, you can call the Marsden team on 01709 364296. You can also contact us here.

Download A Marsden Guide to Weighing A Child Or Young Person

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