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  • 6 tips when buying a Parcel Scale

    More and more businesses are investing in a set of parcel scales, so that they can keep on top of postage costs and pre-empt what a courier will quote for out-going goods.

    However, depending on your business, your out-going goods could be massive, bulky consignments, or small but valuable packages - or anywhere in between. What are the best parcel scales to go for? We’ve put together this handy guide - six tips when buying a parcel scale - to help you invest in the right type of parcel scales for your business.

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  • See a lobster getting weighed on our IP68-rated Bench Scale

    This week, we’ve mostly been visiting locations across the Yorkshire region, testing out weighing scales from our extensive range.

    Yesterday, we were at JH Mann’s, a traditional fishmonger in the South Yorkshire city of Sheffield, demonstrating not just how easy to use the B-100 stainless steel scale is, but how it can be dipped in a bucket of water - and still come out working!

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  • 3 reasons the B-100 Bench Scale is perfect for bakeries

    Precise measurements are not always necessary in cooking but are critical if you want to  have a real baking success.

    Measuring and weighing is one of the biggest reasons that baking endeavours fail - for example, using too much flour can lead to rock hard cookies, tough bread and less than fluffy cakes. One simple way to gain perfection every time is to weigh your ingredients, which the Marsden B-100 bench scale is ideal for!

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