Pallet truck scales

  • Why a pallet truck scale can improve warehouse efficiency

    Why a pallet truck scale can improve warehouse efficiencyPallet truck scales combine a pump truck with a high capacity weighing scale.

    A popular choice for factories and warehouses, they allow palletised goods to be weighed quickly and easily.

    “We are currently in the process of renovating our warehouse space and looking at ways of improving efficiencies at the same time,” Arville told Marsden in a recent case study - and a pallet truck scale will help them to achieve this.

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  • 7 steps to get the best out of pallet truck scales

    7 steps to get the best out of pallet truck scalesPallet truck scales offer the best of both worlds: a high capacity weighing scale combined with heavy duty pump truck that you can take where it is needed.

    Pallet truck scales are also known as pallet jack scales or pump truck scales. Not every pallet truck scale is the same - a choice of IP ratings, indicator types, optional printers and more are available to ensure your pallet truck scale meets to your needs.

    But how should you use a pallet truck scale to ensure accurate, heavy duty weighing? Simply follow this quick-fire guide.

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  • Introducing the PT-450: Our new waterproof pallet truck scale

    pallet truck scaleOur ultimate pallet truck scale is now on sale. It's called the Marsden PT-450 and it's perfect for food factories, chemical plants and other harsh environments.

    It is our first IP68 waterproof pallet truck scale, meaning it is ideal for use in wet and humid environments and can be washed down.

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  • 10 Reasons why pallet truck scales are essential for freight companies

    10 Reasons why pallet truck scales are essential for freight companiesFreight as an industry relies on weighing equipment for a number of reasons - and at Marsden we provide a number of different weighing solutions to suit, ranging from platforms to pallet truck scales.

    For freight companies, a weighing scale is essential for safety, regulation, cost and operation. If an inaccurate scale is used, this can lead to incorrect invoicing, customer complaints, non-compliance with regulations, safety problems, productivity issues and more.

    Pallet truck scales are an indispensable item for freight operations. Even in the most challenging conditions, pallet truck scales provide precise weighing - so that there are no discrepancies between the stated weight of an item and actual weight. But why are pallet scales so crucial to the freight industry?

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  • New pallet truck scales: Key features explained

    Marsden pallet truck scales have been a popular way to weigh palletised goods in factories and warehouses for years. This month, however, we’ve launched two brand new pallet truck scales.

    The new PT-500 (standard pallet truck scale) and PT-600 (with built in printer) are largely the same as the PT-100 and PT-200 respectively. However, there are some key differences that make these new pallet truck scales worth considering!

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  • Industrial scales: Summer offers on pallet trucks and more

    industrial platform scalesIndustrial platform scales, pallet truck scales and bespoke bench and floorscales are the focus of Marsden’s summer sale this month.

    For one month, there are discounts on just about any industrial weighing solution you need. In this blog post, we’ve taken a look at the highlights of our August sale.

    Simply click the links to see the products, or get in touch with the Marsden team on 01709 364296 if you need more information.

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  • Buyers’ Guide: Pallet Truck Scales

    pallet truck scalesPallet truck scales are a key piece of equipment for any warehouse or factory but there are some variables to take into account before purchasing. What the pallet trucks scale is going to be used for, where they are going to be used and under what conditions can greatly influence what scale you go for.

    If you’re browsing the Marsden range of pallet truck scales and need a bit of guidance, you can of course get in touch and we’d be happy to help; alternatively, you can use this guide to buying pallet truck scales and ensure you choose the right solution for your weighing needs.

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  • What is a pallet truck scale and why do you need one?

    pallet truck scaleA pallet truck scale is one key piece of equipment that every warehouse or factory should not be without. It is a way to keep a check on exactly what is leaving your warehouse easily – by weighing pallets quickly, without having to load them onto a platform scale.

    A pallet truck scale is a pallet truck fitted with loadcells and an indicator. This means, by placing a pallet onto the truck, the weight can be taken. Pallets can literally be weighed as they are moved, by the pallet truck, from a to b!

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