Custom Size Platform Scale

For most industrial weighing needs, Marsden’s platform scales more than adequately do the job: they come in a range of capacities, graduations and base sizes, plus there’s a variety of indicators depending on what you’re using the scales for and if you want to record weight data. There are mild steel or IP-rated stainless steel options, and even drive-thru alternatives suitable for pallet trucks.

Sometimes, however, companies need something larger, even more robust and easier to use. Such was the case with one recycling company, who due to regulations needed to accurately weigh large amounts of recyclable items on a Trade Approved weighing scale. However, despite needing a large-capacity scale, space was tight.

In order to provide a larger weighing scale, we decided that a bespoke alternative to our standard platform scales was the answer. But how to get around the tight space?

The Marden solution was to pit-mount the scale, so that it was flush to the ground. We also reinforced the platform and built in larger loadcells each with a 2000kg capacity - standard loadcells in a platform scale have a 1000kg capacity each. Of course, in order to meet regulations, these loadcells were all Trade Approved.

With reinforcements and a higher loadcell capacity, the platform scale could be driven over by forklifts. This meant less manoeuvering required to position a load onto the scale with a forklift, and the scale could stay in a permanent position even when not in use.

As with all Marsden bespoke scales, we fully tested the scale before fitting it and, finally, working with the customer to commision it. We even helped with linking the scale to the company database so that weight data could be recorded straight from the JIK indicator, again helping them to show compliance in line with waste management and recycling regulations.

If you need a made to measure platform scale, or custom weighing scales that help you adhere to industry regulations, call the Marsden team on 01709 364296.




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