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  • Jadever JCO Counting Scale

    What is the JCO?

    The Jadever JCO is an affordable, lightweight and portable counting scale ideal for parts counting and stocktaking. This counting scale offers a choice of capacities and graduations (30kg x 2g; 15kg x 1g; 6kg x 0.5g).

    Why should a counting scale be used?

    Counting scales replace the need to count small, fiddly items by items by hand. Use a counting scale from Marsden to accurately weigh a large number of identical parts and count the quantity instantly. Digital counting scales are essential for precise parts counting, stock control and packaging.

    Why should I choose the JCO?

    Choose the JCO to speed up your counting processes, without the expense of fully automated systems. The scale’s unit weight memory can store up to 20 different unit weights and the memory recall button allows you to access saved weights quickly.

    A hi/lo alarm helps to speed up counting processes by allowing you to set a minimum or maximum quantity, with the scale alerting the user if the quantity is above, below or has hit the required amount

    It can be powered by the internal rechargeable battery or using the adaptor provided with the scale. The scale is robust and has a water-resistant durable keypad.

    This counting scale includes Preset Tare and Tare functions to remove any unwanted weight. The accumulation function allows the user to total up a number of counts.

    Weight and count readings are displayed on the clear LCD displays.

    For more information about the Jadever JCO or our other digital counting scales, get in touch with us here or call 01709 364296.

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  • Jadever JCE Counting Scale

    What is the JCE?

    The Jadever JCE is an affordable counting scale for parts counting, sampling and check weighing. This portable counting scale comes with a full range of features, including hi/lo check weighing, Preset Tares, a full numeric keypad and built-in overload protection. It also has Accumulation and an auto power-off function.

    How can I transfer count data to a PC?

    Purchase the Scale To PC USB Lead - an accessory for this scale - and counting data can be instantly transferred to a spreadsheet.

    Connect the scale to your PC by plugging the lead into your USB port. Open an Excel spreadsheet and set it up as you wish the weighing data to go in. The scale will send unit weight, gross weight and count information to the spreadsheet each time items are added to the scale. Therefore, you may choose to use three columns with a header at the top of each column.

    For more information, watch the video above or read this blog post.

    Why should I choose the JCE?

    Choose the JCE for accurate counting, sampling and check weighing on production lines, order picking stations and good receipt and despatch areas in warehouses.

    The scale is available in capacities from 3kg to 30kg and graduations from 0.1g to 1g. It has an accuracy of 1/30,000.

    This counting scale’s internal counting resolution is 1/600,000 enabling it to count very small items with impressive precision. The bright, backlit LCD display can be read easily even in poor lighting conditions.

    It features a hi/lo check weighing and built-in overload protection. A Tare function can remove any unwanted weight and Accumulation will add up multiple counts of items, giving you a total number of items. This is great for inventory control and means you are not restricted by this counting scale’s capacity.

    If you need more help with choosing from our range of counting scales, please get in touch on 01709 364296.

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  • Jadever JCA Counting Scale

    What is the JCA?

    The Jadever JCA is a Class III - Trade Approved - parts counting scale with a water resistant keypad and optional second scale input and the ability to send your counting data to a PC. This counting scale is built to speed up counting process, with a 50 item ID memory, 99 item accumulation memory and hi/lo alarm.

    Why would I need Trade Approved counting scales?

    A Trade Approved scale is one that legally must be used if the weight of the item links to the price paid by the customer.

    In the case of counting scales, if you are charging a customer based on the quantity given by the scale, it must be Trade Approved. This is a legal requirement and during routine visits Trading Standards will check your scales to ensure they are legal for trade.

    Trade Approved scales are subject to far more testing than regular scales. Approved scales go through a rigorous testing programme which is conducted by a Notified Body. The thorough testing assures the user of the scale’s quality and reliability.

    More information on Trade Approved scales can be found here.

    How can I transfer data to a PC and printer?

    The optional Scale to PC USB Lead means data from the scale can be transferred instantly to a database or spreadsheet.

    To use, plug the lead into the USB port on your computer. Open Excel, add items to the scale and data will be sent to the spreadsheet. This feature is perfect for traceability and to help you control inventory levels.

    Find out more in this blog post.

    Why should I choose the JCA?

    Choose the JCA for counting tasks where a Trade Approved scale is required, when counting needs to quick, easy and recorded.

    Counting items is quick and easy, particularly if you regularly count the same items, as there is a 50 items ID memory. Plus, a 99 item Accumulation memory means bulk counting of small items is easy. All counting data can sent instantly to a PC with the optional Scale To PC USB Lead.

    This multifunctional counting scale has a stainless steel top pan that can be easily wiped clean, as well as a durable, water resistant full numeric keypad. It also has a rechargeable battery and an AC adaptor.

    The JCA is widely used on production lines, order picking stations and in warehouse goods and despatch areas, where, even in poor lighting conditions, the bright LCD display can be clearly seen.

    A range of capacities and graduations are available. It has an accuracy of 1/30,000 non approved and 1/3,000 Approved.

    If you need help with choosing the right counting scales, or you need help with finding a solution that helps you speed up counting processes, improve traceability and meets Trading Standards requirements, call 01709 364296 or contact us here.

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  • Digi DC-400 Counting Scale

    What is the DC-400 Counting Scale?

    The Digi DC-400 is a sophisticated and highly accurate counting scale. It features a range of useful functions including an inbuilt printer for label printing, and RS-232 output. With precise accuracy and a choice of capacities available it is ideal for use across warehouses, factories and depots.

    What is a high accuracy counting scale needed for?

    High accuracy counting scales are required when you want to count very small identical items, quickly and easily.

    The DC-400 has impressive precision, with an internal resolution of 1/1,000,000.

    There are two capacity options, and each one has multi-interval graduations. This basically means the increments change based on the total weight on the scale. It essentially means the DC-400 is four scales in one, and makes the scale highly suited to high accuracy counting of very small items.

    The 5kg capacity version is accurate to 0.1g (upto 200g); 0.2g (upto 500g); 0.5g (upto 2kg) and 1g (upto 5kg). The 25kg version is accurate to 0.5g (upto 1kg); 1g (upto 2.5kg); 2g (upto 10kg) and 5g (upto 25kg).

    Find out more here.

    How can the DC-400 speed up counting processes?

    The DC-400 has 13,000 PLUs, which means you can store the item weight information of literally thousands of products. Even better, the scale can be used to create and print barcodes for those 13,000 items. Item name/code, description, piece weight and even location and inventory can all be stored in the PLU memory.

    A barcode scanner can also be plugged into the DC-400. Scan an item's barcode, and if item information is in the scale, unit weight will instantly appear. This means faster counting processes, with no sample counts required each time you need to count items.

    An inbuilt printer means you can print counting results - perfect for inventory control, showing compliance and for passing to customers if required. Print the results of your counting processes: unit weight, total weight, total count, date and time and also the name of the product you have counted plus barcode.

    The scale features a bright, backlit LCD display for use in the poorest lighting conditions.

    Where can I find out more?

    For more information on the DC-400, or any of the other counting scales in the Marsden range, call our team on 01709 364296 or contact us here.

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  • Digi DC-788 Counting Scale

    What is the DC-788?

    The Digi DC-788 is a counting scale and check weigher, with enhanced software for easier and more flexible parts counting. Features including Accumulation, Tare, quantity alarm and built in overload protection.

    This counting scale has an RS-232 output fitted as standard and can be connected to a second scale. It’s the perfect scale for more accurate and faster parts counting processes.

    How does this scale streamline counting processes?

    This sophisticated counting scale has multiple features that help make counting processes faster, easier and more accurate.

    It has a 100 item memory to store preset weights of items, meaning you can access information on items instantly without needing to add sample weights each time you use the scale. Accumulation means batches of items can be counted and then the overall total provided. A hi/lo alarm helps you hits the right quantity of items by alerting when there are too many items on the scale.

    There is also a built-in RS-232 port. The DC-788 can be connected to a second scale base if required.

    Counting scales are perfect for speeding up a job that, if done by hand, is extremely time consuming and prone to error. Counting scales reduce - or eliminate - counting errors, and help save time, costs and reduce wastage.

    Why should I choose the DC-788?

    Choose the DC-788 if you need a value for money counting scale, with extreme accuracy and multiple features to help make counting processes quicker and easier. A number of different pan sizes are available - see the dimensions box above for more details. The scale has a 100 item memory to store preset weights. The keypad is water resistant, and auto power-off. An optional rechargeable battery is available to make the scale more portable.

    The scale has a bright red LED display that can be seen in almost any lighting conditions, making it ideal for use on production lines and in warehouses for goods receiving and dispatch areas. For more information and to order the Digi DC-788 Counting Scale, please call us on 01709 364296. You can also order the scale online by clicking Add to Cart above.

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  • Marsden MSS-JWI Parts Counting Bench Scale

    What is the MSS-JWI Bench Scale?

    The Marsden MSS-JWI is a high accuracy parts counting scale, designed to make inventory control and counting out individual parts quicker and easier. It has a choice of base sizes, capacity and graduations, a hi/lo alarm and the option to transfer data from the scale to a PC.

    How do counting scales work?

    A counting scale can accurately weigh a large number of parts and calculate how many of these parts have been placed on the scale. Simply place a sample of your product on the scale and key in how many pieces are on the scale. The counting scale then divides the total weight of the sample by the quantity entered to give an approximate weight per item. The weight of each piece is used to work out subsequent piece counts when loads are added to the scale.

    More information can be found here.

    How can I send data to a PC?

    Many businesses keep a record of weight readings for compliance, tracking orders and monitoring processes.

    The MSS-JWI can be connected to a laptop or desktop PC using the optional Scale to PC USB Lead. This lead simply plugs into the USB port of your computer, and, once an Excel spreadsheet has been opened, you can start recording readings.Press Print on the indicator to send readings to the spreadsheet. Weight, piece weight and count can all be sent, and the readings are date/time stamped too.

    Alternatively this scale can also be connected to the GP-3120 Thermal Sticky Label Printer for a hard copy of weight results.

    Why should I choose the MSS-JWI?

    Choose the MSS-JWI bench scale to save time counting multiple items. The MSS-JWI is suited to counting anything from small bolts for stock takes to large boxes for despatch, and removes the risk of miscounting if done by hand.

    The indicator has three large, bright displays, and the base is tough mild steel with a stainless steel top plate (which can be wiped down/removed for cleaning) and adjustable levelling feet.

    Tough ABS housing protects the JWI indicator in demanding industrial environments, and a full numeric keypad makes entering numbers during sampling much easier. The hi/lo alarm and choice of base sizes makes the MSS-JWI one of our most popular counting scales.

    The scale is powered from the mains, but a rechargeable battery is available. The LED backlight on the indicator’s display makes the scale suitable for almost any lighting conditions.

    Choose from capacity and graduation options using the drop down menus above.

    For more information about the MSS-JWI call 01709 364296 or contact us hereBrowse our full range of bench scales here.


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  • Marsden P-NA-JWI Parts Counting Platform Scale

    What is the P-NA-JWI?

    The Marsden P-NA-JWI is a solid and reliable, high capacity mild steel platform scale for parts counting processes. This heavy duty platform scale comes with a sophisticated Jadever indicator, which has multiple weighing and counting functions, and high impact ABS housing. It is the ideal scale for parts counting in factories and warehouses.

    What are the benefits of platform scales?

    Platform scales are the most popular type of Marsden industrial scale. They provide strength, durability and convenience because pallets or large boxes can be quickly loaded onto the scale and weighed. For weighing large or heavy goods they are fitted with high capacity loadcells to ensure accurate and reliable weighing. Goods can be loaded onto the platform scale using a fork truck, or by pallet truck if the optional ramps are selected.

    How does a counting scale work?

    A platform scale for counting purposes can help speed up parts counting and inventory checking processes, because you can count a large number of items instantly.

    To use, simply put a sample of your product on the scale and key in the number of pieces in the sample. The scale then divides the total weight of the sample by the quantity you have entered to give an approximate weight per piece. The weight of each piece is used to work out subsequent piece counts when loads are added to the scale.

    Read this blog post to find out more about counting scales and how they work.

    Why should I choose the P-NA-JWI?

    Choose the P-NA-JWI for heavy duty parts counting in factories, warehouses and depots. A number of capacities, graduations and platform sizes means the scale can be tailored to your needs. The most accurate option for this scale is to 200g and the highest capacity to 3000kg - however, these platform scales have an overload capacity to 4000kg.

    4m of loadcell cable is included with this platform scale as standard. The 4 x 1000kg capacity loadcells are safely mounted within the structure of the platform, protecting the cables from damage by fork truck when the platform scale is being moved. The scale has heavy duty levelling feet.

    The indicator features 3-in-1 LCD displays to speed up parts counting, with bright LED backlight making it practical for most environments. The scale is easy to use with full range Tare, Preset Tare and auto-zero tracking available and if you choose the internal rechargeable battery option above there’s no wires to the mains. The JWI indicator also benefits from adjustable resolutions and parameters, and a hi/lo alarm for when you need to count out a specific quantity of items.

    For more information contact Marsden here.

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  • Marsden DT-JWI Parts Counting Drive Thru Platform Scale

    What is the DT-JWI?

    The DT-JWI is a Marsden heavy duty parts counting scale, with an easy to use counting indicator and a low profile, mild steel drive thru platform suitable for use with pallet trucks. The scale is perfect for high volume and large item counting tasks and commonly used in despatch areas and for inventory control.

    What are the benefits of using a counting scale?

    Counting items out by hand can be an extremely time consuming task, and prone to human error. Making mistakes when counting can affect your inventory records, and can also mean your customers are not getting the correct quantities of items they have ordered.

    Counting scales work on individual piece or item weight. Once a scale knows the weight of one item, it will instantly provide a count for multiple identical items placed on the scale.

    Read this blog post to find out more about counting scales and how they work.

    In the case of the DT-JWI, palletised items can be counted instantly. The low profile ramps allow you to push a pallet truck onto the scale, and the scale will instantly display a count based on the weight of the goods. The pallet and pallet truck themselves can be instantly discounted from the weight thanks to the Preset Tare feature.

    Why should I choose the DT-JWI?

    The DT-JWI has built in ramps with a very shallow incline which makes it easy to roll pallet trucks onto the scale. This drive thru platform scale is ideal for using with pallets as well as roll cages. Loadcells and cables are securely mounted within the structure of the platform, protecting them from damage by fork trucks when they are being moved. 4m of armoured loadcell cable is supplied.

    The sophisticated Jadever JWI-700C indicator is designed to speed up parts counting and inventory control processes, with its 3-in-1 LCD displays.

    The indicator has high-impact ABS housing with a durable keypad. Display backlighting means readings can be read in most environments.

    To find out more about the DT-JWI, send us a message here.

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  • Marsden PD-NA-JWI Pit Mounted Counting Scale

    What is the PD-NA-JWI?

    The Marsden PD-NA-JWI is a heavy duty, high capacity pit mounted counting scale for high volume counting processes. It is the perfect solution when you are short on space, because the scale is sunken into the ground out of the way. Counting processes are much easier, thanks to the indicator's three displays, high accuracy results and hi/lo alarm.

    What are the benefits of pit mount scales?

    Pit mounted dormant scales are designed to be sunk into the ground. This means that, when the scale is not in use, it can stay in situ. This saves time and it also saves space - the scale does not need to be stored away, and the scale can be walked over and pallet trucks rolled over it.

    Additionally, being flush to the floor makes it easy to load the scale. Roll a pallet truck over the scale to get a weight for a pallet instantly. Ask our team about higher capacity options and your fork trucks can drive over the scale, too.

    How do counting scales work?

    Counting scales allow you to complete bulk counting and inventory checking tasks faster and, potentially, with greater accuracy.

    A counting scale works by calculating the average weight of each item placed on the scale. The total weight on the scale allows it to calculate how many items are actually on the scale.

    This means a counting scale is capable of counting many items far quicker than if counting is done by hand. This means counting scales save you time, money - and greatly reduce the risk of errors.

    Read this blog post to find out more about how counting scales work.

    Why should I choose the PD-NA-JWI?

    If you need to bulk count multiple items and need a weighing scale that doesn’t take up space in your warehouse or factory, choose the PD-NA-JWI.

    The PD-NA-JWI has multiple weighing and counting functions. The hi/lo alarm helps to automate your processes, with the alarm alerting the user when a target number of items has been reached. Three LCD displays further speed up parts counting, showing unit weight (individual item weight), total weight and total count. The bright LED backlight means the displays can be seen in most environments.

    Marsden can provide advice on installing and using a pit mounted scale. You can also contact us here.

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  • Marsden PB-1200-JWI-NA Parts Counting Weigh Beams

    What is the PB-1200-JWI-NA?

    The PB-1200-JWI-NA is a high capacity counting scale, consisting of two mild steel weigh beams and a sophisticated Jadever counting indicator. It’s perfect for carrying out bulk counting tasks in factories and warehouses, particularly if you are short of space or need a counting scale that can be transported to where it’s required.

    What are the benefits of weigh beams?

    Weigh beams can be used for weighing and counting items of many sizes - like small or large pallets - because the beams can be positioned at the desired distance apart before the item to be weighed is placed on them. This makes them more flexible for many warehouse tasks than platform scales.

    Weigh beams with a counting indicator, like the PB-1200-JWI-NA, allow you to count multiple items, particularly palletised items. Precise, clear counting data is displayed on the 3-in-1 LCD displays so parts counting and inventory control is quick and easy.

    Counting scales allow you to total up many items without the need to count by hand, speeding up processes and potentially eliminating the chances of error.

    Why should I choose the PB-1200-JWI-NA?

    Choose the PB-1200-JWI-NA if you need to carry out bulk counting tasks faster and with higher accuracy.

    This portable scale allows you to control inventory and quickly count multiple items, plus the scale is portable and can be easily stored away when not in use.

    The digital indicator includes adjustable resolutions and parameters, and if you are wanting to improve accuracy and automate parts of the counting process, comes with a hi/lo alarm function if you are needing to count out a specific number of items. The indicator boasts robust ABS housing making it capable of handling tasks on a daily basis. For extra portability, a rechargeable battery is available. The auto-power off feature saves battery power.

    To find out more the PB-1200-JWI-NA, or other counting scales from Marsden, speak to our team by calling 01709 364296 or message us here.

    Read this blog post to find out more about counting scales and how they work.

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What is a counting scale?

A counting scale is a device used to count multiple items, using their individual weights to determine the quantity that has been placed on the scale. Counting scales are most commonly used for stock control and shipment tasks, as they cut the time taken to count multiple identical items.


Why should a counting scale be used?

Digital industrial counting scales replace the need to count small, fiddly items by hand. With a counting scale from Marsden you can accurately weigh a large number of identical parts - and then the counting scale will calculate how many of those parts you have placed on the scale. This means our range of digital counting scales you see above are essential for precise parts counting, effective stock control and efficient packaging.


How do I know which counting scale to choose?

Marsden counting scales offer digital display resolutions of upto 1/30,000 and internal count resolutions upto 1/1,000,000, with the choice of Trade Approved or non-approved scales. The counting scales we sell are typically used in factories, warehouses and production facilities.


There are three steps to determining which of our counting scales is best for your needs:


Determine the average piece weight: If you are to be counting lots of items with different piece weights, identify the weight of the lightest item. This will allow you to choose the appropriate scale resolution to obtain a precise and accurate weight.


Determine the maximum weight: To work out a suitable capacity, take the average piece weight and times it by the quantity you're likely to be placing on the scale. For example, if you have 10,000 screws at 2g the total weight is 20kg. It may be best to choose a slightly larger capacity than you think you will need in case your production needs change.


Choose your scale: It is common to halve the average piece weight to find a suitable graduation. As an example, based on the calculations above, the best fit with a capacity of 30kg and graduations to 1g would be the Jadever JCE. Also consider other features you may need, such as PLUs or an optional printer.


What is a Trade Approved counting scale?

A Trade Approved counting scale is a counting scale that is legal to use for trading. If the price of an item is based on its weight, then a Trade Approved scale should be used.


Where can I find out more?

As a leading expert on counting scales, Marsden’s counting scales range covers every possible need your business may have. You can click on each of the products above to see their key features and to place an order, or you can find out more and place an order by giving us a call on 01709 364296.