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  • Marsden B-200 Floor Scale

    What is the B-200?

    The Marsden B-200 Floor Scale is an easy-to-use, affordable digital weighing scale. This robust scale has a wash-down platter and is ideal for weighing packets, parcels and boxes. The scale features a wipe down base and it has a parts counting function. Battery power means it can be used anywhere and a power down function saves battery life.

    How accurate are these floor scales?

    The Marsden B-200 is a highly versatile weighing scale, and there are many capacity/graduation options. 5g is the lowest increment available, available on the 15kg capacity version.

    The size, accuracy and portability of these scales makes them perfect for simple, low cost manual check weighing of goods. THey also make a great entry-level brewery scale for weighing out ingredients prior to brewing.

    Why should I choose the B-200?

    If you need a versatile, affordable weighing scale for simple check weighing tasks, choose the B-200.

    The B-200 is widely used in warehouses, freight depots and post rooms, and it is particularly popular with breweries.

    The scale weighs in kg or lb, showing accurate readings on its crystal clear 1” LCD display. A Tare function allows you to remove unwanted weight, for example the weight of the box or crate. Using Tare then provides you with a weight reading for your goods alone. A simple counting function allows you to count multiple identical items.

    This floor scale is powered by 12V AC adaptor or 6x AA battery. The power down function saves battery life. The indicator has wall bracket and fixings provided.

    Watch the video above to see the B-200 being used at Acorn Brewery, Barnsley.

    For more information about Marsden floor scales, call 01709 364296 or contact us here.

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  • Marsden B-250 Floor Scale

    What is the B-250 Floor Scale?

    For simple, straightforward weighing, the B-250 is perfect. This easy to use scale is perfect for weighing boxes, sacks and kegs, whether you're weighing in a factory, warehouse or brewery. There's a choice of capacities and graduations available.

    One of the key features of the B-250 is the replaceable indicator - meaning if the display is damaged, it can simply be replaced rather than replacing the whole scale. Replacing the indicator is quick and simple and can be done by the user.

    What can the B-250 be used for?

    The B-250 is a versatile weighing scale that is used across multiple industries, thanks to the range of capacities available. Capacities range from 15kg to 300kg, to an accuracy from 2g through to 50g.

    To use the B-250, simply switch on, place an item/s on the splashproof platform and the indicator will instantly display an accurate weight reading. The clear LCD screen displays either kilos or pounds, depending on your preference.

    Why should I choose the B-250?

    The B-250 is portable and easy to use, boasting accuracy as high as to the nearest 2g. Simply place the base on the floor, and if you have a metal worktop or shelf, the indicator can be attached thanks to the magnets in the back. This means you can have the weight display positioned in the most convenient place during operation.

    For extra convenience, the B-250 Bench Scale has Hold and Tare functions - Hold, to stabilise the reading on the display, and Tare to remove unwanted weight from the display such as the weight of a box. There is a Tare foot pedal available for operating this function by foot.

    The scale is powered by 12V AC adaptor or 6x AA batteries. The power down function saves power when the scale is running from battery power.

    Call 01709 364296 or contact us here if you have any questions or need any help with buying bench scales or floor scales.

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  • Marsden K-100 Keg Scale

    What is the K-100 Keg Scale?

    The Marsden K-100 is a stainless steel keg scale that’s ideal for stock takers, pubs, and restaurants. Eliminate the guesswork and stop shaking your kegs to find out their weight. Instead use the Marsden K-100 Keg Scale to accurately weigh your barrels in seconds!

    With a 406.4mm diameter, it’s suitable for a range of different keg sizes and its 35mm low profile platform makes it easy to get kegs on and off the scale for weighing. The indicator has a large, clear backlit LCD display and four function buttons. The scale is powered by four AA batteries or from the mains adaptor and the indicator is magnetised for wall-mounting.

    How can I improve my stock taking process?

    The K-100 has a multitude of uses that can help to increase profits.

    Pub landlords and managers may choose to use it for stock takes to accurately gauge how many pints are left in a keg. It can also aid with end of tenancy sales when it comes to calculating how much the remaining stock is worth. In addition to that, it could also be invaluable for preparing for busy periods, such as bank holidays.

    Why should I choose the K-100?

    By using the keg scale to weigh your stock, you can ensure all your stock figures are correct and that your kegs are always full upon delivery. Plus, it’ll help to minimise the risk of anyone carelessly pouring beer away, drinking on the job or giving away free drinks.

    It has a generous capacity of 200kg/44 gal/352 pints with graduations as low as 100g and keg weight can be measured in kg / lb . Thanks to its light weight, it can be taken wherever you need it for easy stock taking.

    Please note that this scale is not Trade Approved, so cannot be used for selling kegs based on price. For weighing kegs prior to despatch , for example in breweries, we recommend the HSS-I-100SS-APP. It is also not suitable for liquid filling

    Where can I find out more?

    For more information on the K-100, download the product sheet or contact the Marsden team on +44 (0) 1709 364 296.

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  • Marsden MS-150 Floor Scale

    What is the MS-150?

    The MS-150 is a general purpose industrial floor scale, with a stainless steel platform and separate indicator. It has a 150kg capacity and is accurate to 50g. This electronic scale is ideal for post rooms, goods in areas and general warehouse environments.

    What can this floor scale be used for?

    Designed as a general purpose industrial floor scale the MS-150 is suitable for many industrial weighing tasks.

    The MS-150 is commonly used within warehouse environments to weigh in-coming and out-going packages. We have also found this to be the perfect solution for post rooms.

    The flat, wipe clean surface makes the scale perfect for weighing large items. Boxes, sacks, crates and small pallets that require weighing can be placed on the scale by hand or fork truck.

    The stainless steel top plate can also be wiped down, making it very easy to clean without causing damage to the internal workings of the scale.

    Why should I choose the MS-150?

    Choose the MS-150 if you need a robust, versatile industrial weighing scale for weighing items upto a maximum weight of 150kg.

    The MS-150 can be moved to where it is needed and does not need to be plugged in to be used. It is powered by internal rechargeable battery and a mains adaptor is included in the price.

    The stainless steel surface of the MS-150 means it’s easy to clean. It is unit switchable (kg/lbs).

    For more information about the MS-150 call 01709 364296 or contact us here.

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  • Marsden MS-300 Floor Scale

    What is the MS-300?

    The Marsden MS-300 is a general purpose industrial floor scale, with a high capacity of 300kg for weighing large items. This floor scale has a wipedown stainless steel platform, an indicator which can be wall mounted and graduations to the nearest 100g.

    What can you weigh with the MS-300?

    The MS-300 is a great general purpose industrial floor scale. With a stainless steel wipe down top plate and a separate indicator, this scale is ideal for all types of use. It’s most commonly found in post rooms and goods in/despatch areas.

    The stainless steel top plate means this scale is very easy to clean without any damage being caused to the internal workings of the scale.

    The 300kg capacity means the scale can used to weigh large boxes and crates, including goods on small pallets. For heavier items, a forklift can be used to place items on the scale’s low profile platform. Lighter items that can be carried can simply be placed on the scale by hand.

    Why should I choose the MS-300?

    If you need an easy to use general purpose industrial scale that weighs in kg and lbs, choose the MS-300. It has a 300kg capacity and weighs to the nearest 100g.

    An internal rechargeable battery makes the MS-300 a portable floor scale. A mains adaptor is also included in the price. If the scale is intended for use in a permanent location, the bracket can be used to mount the indicator on a wall or bench.

    The MS-300 has Tare (for removing unwanted weight, such as the weight of the pallet) and Hold (for stabilising the weight reading on the display).

    For more information about the MS-300 call 01709 364296 or contact us here.

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  • Marsden V-150 Floor Scale

    What is the V-150?

    The Marsden V-150 is a large stainless steel floor scale, which is available in either 150kg or 300kg capacities. It features Hold and Tare functions, and can be switched from g/kg to lbs. Wheels and a handle make it easy to move the weighing scale around warehouses.

    What can the V-150 be used for?

    The V-150 would be an ideal addition to any warehouse or factory. It is built with practicality in mind, with a stainless steel top plate meaning that the scale can be easily wiped down. A rubber mat, supplied with the scale, provides extra stability when items are placed on the V-150. Wheels and a handle make it easy to move and store the weighing scale. A wall bracket is supplied as standard with the indicator.

    Why should I choose the V-150?

    Choose the V-150 for accurate heavy duty weighing in warehouses and factories, up to 300kg. Tare function enables the user to remove any unwanted weight from the scale. Hold stabilises the weight reading if the load is moving around. Items can be weighed in metric or imperial measures. With a separate indicator and a large LCD display, weight readings are easily visible in all environments. The scale is powered by a rechargeable battery, and an adaptor is supplied as standard. The stainless steel base can also be washed down.

    To find out more about floor scales from Marsden, call 01709 364296.

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  • Marsden V-250 Floor Scale

    What is the V-250?

    The Marsden V-250 is a large general purpose stainless steel floor scale, with a capacity of 250kg. It has a stainless steel wipedown base, an easy to read indicator with a bracket for wall mounting, and is powered by 6x AA batteries.

    What is this floor scale used for?

    This floor scale is typically used for weighing boxes, parcels, sacks and small pallets. It’s ideal for weighing bulky items in a factory or warehouse, where a scale as big as a platform scale is not required. Items can easily be placed onto the scale by hand for weighing.

    What other features does this scale have?

    This floor scale weighs in 100g increments, and can be switched from kg to lb readings if required. The scale is powered either by a mains adaptor (supplied) or by 6 x AA batteries.

    The separate indicator, with its large LCD display, has four simple function buttons, and the display can be switched to show weight in either kg/g or lb.

    The stainless steel casing of the scale's low profile 50mm base can be wiped or carefully washed down to keep it hygienic. An optional rubber mat is available for the scale, and this can be selected from the accessories list above

    Need help with choosing floor scales? Call the Marsden team on 01709 364296.

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  • Marsden MSS-I-100 Floor Scale

      What is the MSS-I-100?

      The Marsden MSS-I-100 is a tough and reliable industrial floor scale. It’s perfect for getting a quick and accurate weight reading for boxes, bottles, crates and produce. The 304 food grade stainless steel platter makes this a popular scale for food processing plants, and the column mounted indicator is very easy to use.

      How do floor scales work?

      Industrial floor scales provide a quick and easy solution for weighing goods in factories and warehouses, with a large, flat base and a separate indicator. The flat base and raised indicator allows you to place large items on the scale easily and get an accurate weight reading on the display. If required, the scale can supplied with a separate indicator and no column.

      Typically there will be a loadcell on each corner of a floor scale, which means you will get an accurate weight reading wherever the item is placed on the scale.

      Why should I choose the MSS-I-100?

      If you need an easy to use floor scale for quick and simple weighing tasks, choose the MSS-I-100.

      With its stainless steel, 304 food grade base this floor scale is a popular choice for the food industry - and can be found in warehouses, factories and food processing plants. It's easy to use, durable and comes with a great range of functions.

      Tare functions allow you to remove unwanted weight such as a box, bucket or crate. A basic Counting function allows you to count out items based on their weight. The weight reading can clearly be seen on the large, backlit LCD display. A rechargeable battery means this floor scale can be used anywhere.

      There are a range of options available depending on your needs: 600mm x 600mm and 400mm x 400mm base sizes are available, and capacities range from 3kg to 150kg from an accuracy of 0.1g to 20g. You can select the right options for you using the menu above.

      For more information on the MSS-I-100 Floor Scale, call 01709 364296 or contact us here. See a Trade Approved version of this scale here.

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  • Marsden MSS-I-100-APP Floor Scale

    What is the MSS-I-100-APP?

    The Marsden MSS-I-100-APP is a Trade Approved, mild steel floor scale. As a Legal For Trade scale it is legal for use when pricing goods based on weight. It has an internal rechargeable battery so can be used anywhere.The platter is 304 food grade stainless steel

    What is a Trade Approved scale?

    Trade Approved scales are suitable for applications where the price of an item is based on its weight. Trade Approved scales undergo far more testing that scales that are not approved, in order to ensure they reach a minimum quality standard in weighing accuracy.

    The rigorous testing programme that a Trade Approved weighing scale is subject to is conducted by a notified body. It is then issued with a Type Approval Certificate.

    Every Trade Approved scale is fully checked and tested before it leaves the Marsden factory. Verification fees are included in the price shown above.

    Find out more about Trade Approved scales here.

    Why should I choose the MSS-I-100?

    Choose the MSS-I-100-APP for simple weighing tasks in factories, warehouses and shops, where an Approved scale is needed for pricing goods based on weight.

    Functions include full range Tare/Preset Tare, Zero and Counting. The bright, backlit LCD display clearly shows the weight reading, and the long battery life of the rechargeable battery means it can be used absolutely anywhere.

    Select from our choice of base sizes above, and capacities from 3kg to 150kg. This industrial weighing scale is available with graduations as accurate as 1g.

    Watch the video above to see how the MSS-I-100-APP works.

    For more information on the MSS-I-100-APP and other Trade Approved bench scales, call 01709 364296 or contact us here.

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  • Marsden MSS-I-400 Floor Scale

    What is the MSS-I-400?

    The Marsden MSS-I-400 is a tough, multipurpose floor scale with mild steel base, stainless steel platter and a large, durable indicator.

    Easy to use functions, a bright red 32mm LED display and dependable accuracy mean this popular industrial scale makes weighing even easier. This scale has a large choice of capacity and graduation options, and is perfect for getting a quick, simple weight reading for an item.

    How do I know if this scale is right for my needs?

    Floor scales like the MSS-I-400 are typically available in a range of sizes, with different capacity and graduation options to choose from.

    When choosing a weighing scale, first determine the maximum capacity required. The scale you choose will ideally have a slightly higher capacity, as this will prevent you from overloading the scale. Next, decide whether the accuracy available with that capacity is precise enough for your weighing needs.

    Then, decide upon a suitable base size. There are several options for this scale, which means there should be a size for most tasks. You should also decide if the scale is suitable for the environment that it is to be used in - for example, if the work area is wet or very dusty, a scale with an IP rating is advised. The MSS-I-400 does have a stainless steel wipedown pan however, which protects the mild steel base. IP-certified waterproof scales can be found here.

    If you need further help with choosing the correct weighing scale, speak to Marsden on 01709 364296.

    Why should I choose the MSS-I-400?

    Choose the MSS-I-400 for quick and easy weighing in your factory or warehouse.

    This general purpose floor scale has a large LED display which means weight readings (either in kg or lb) are bright and clear, whatever the lighting conditions. There are a number of capacity options, from 3kg up to 150kg from an accuracy of 0.1g to 20g.

    This bench scale has a tough mild steel base, and the 304 food grade stainless steel platter is removable - perfect for cleaning.

    Powered by rechargeable battery, the scale can be used wherever it is required - providing 50 hours of continuous use. It features a programmable screensaver to save battery life.

    The scale has multiple features, including Tare, Hold and Counting mode. Accumulation gives you the option to total up multiple weight readings quickly and automatically.

    Choose from the drop down menus to find base size, capacity and graduation options that meet your needs.

    This scale is not recommended for liquid filling applications; we recommend the MSS-JIK for this purpose. For more information about Marsden floor scales, call 01709 364296 or contact us here.

    For more information about this and other floor scales from Marsden all us on 01709 364296 or send a message to our Sales team here.

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What are floor scales?

Floor scales are weighing scales with a flat surface for weighing medium-sized to large items and, usually, a separate weight display. Floor scales are so called because their size means they are usually placed on the floor, and used to weigh items like crates and larger boxes or parcels.

Floor scales come in a variety of sizes, capacities and accuracies.


What are the benefits of floor scales?

Versatility is the reason for the popularity of floor scales. The large, flat base can be placed in the corner of a factory, warehouse or office, and even stored away easily when not in use. Floor scales with a separate indicator on a cable are even more flexible; some floor scales have their indicator mounted on a column.

Floor scales can be used to weigh boxes, parcels, crates, sacks and kegs. A floor scale may be used as a pallet scale, although palletised goods is more commonly weighed on platform scales.

In some cases, however, floor scales may be more affordable than a platform scale.

The huge variety of floor scales available from Marsden, with different capacities, graduations and sizes available (plus stainless steel options and scales with the ability to transmit weighing data) means there should be a solution for your needs.


What is a Trade Approved scale?

A Trade Approved scale is a weighing scale that can legally be used to obtain the weight of an item to determine its price.

It is a legal requirement to use Trade Approved scales if the application falls into any of these categories: 1. Determination of mass for commercial transactions 2. Determination of mass for the calculation of a toll, tariff, tax, bonus, penalty, remuneration, indemnity or similar type of payment 3. Determination of mass for the application of laws or regulations; expert opinion given in court proceedings 4. Determination of price on the basis of mass for the purposes of direct sales to the public and the making-up of pre-packages.

Trade Approved scales are built, tested, verified and calibrated to a specific standard. They are rigorously tested by an EU Notified Body, providing assurance to the user that the scales are accurate, reliable and deliver repeatable weight readings. Find out more here.

A Trading Standards visit will include a check of weighing scales to ensure that they are compliant.

A Trade Approved scale may be referred to as a legal for trade scale, verified scale or a stamped scale. Trade Approved scales carry an ‘M’ (for ‘metrology’) logo on their dataplate.


How do I know which floor scale is right for me?

To decide which floor scale is right for you, check the capacity options of each scale and decide what the maximum weight you are likely to put on the weight is. The capacity option you choose will need to be more than this. From there, you can choose the accuracy (graduations) to make sure you’re getting the weight readings you need.

Most floor scales on this page have different base size options. Check this to ensure what you going to be weighing will fit on the scale.

If you need a weighing scale that will cope with wet or humid environments, consider the stainless steel floor scales will list that have an IP rating. The higher the rating, the more protected the scale is against the moisture. If you need to record weight data, choose a floor scale with a JIK indicator (it’ll have ‘JIK’ in its name).


Where can I find out more?

To find out more about floor scales from Marsden, click on the products above or speak to our team on 01709 364296 or contact us here.