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TX Series Analytical Precision Balance

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Technical Details

Additional Information

Capacity 220g - 4200g
Graduations 0.001g - 0.01g
Pan dimensions 110mm ø / 167mm x 181mm
Additional Features
  • Metal housing
  • Bright clear LCD display
  • High/Go/Low - compare targets to sample values
  • Counting
  • UniBloc technology for instant, high accuracy weight readings
  • Tare
  • Windows Direct for easy data communication
  • Wind break
  • Weighs in grams and carats
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      What is the TX Series precision scale?

      The TX Series is a highly precise analytical balance, designed to weigh in the sub-milligram range. This lab balance is highly accurate and has just the essential features required for high precision weighing. This makes it of the the most affordable Shimadzu balances in our range. Find out more below.

      How accurate is this balance?

      A balance is a high accuracy weighing scale, usually weighing in sub-milligram ranges.

      The TX Series is available with a range of capacities and accuracies, with 0.001g (1mg) available as well as a number of options weighing as precise as 0.001ct (0.2mg). To protect the scale from interference, there is a wind chamber - the reading on high accuracy balances like the TX can be affected by wind.

      How can I record weight readings from this balance?

      All Shimadzu balances available from Marsden have WindowsDirect software as standard.

      This means you can simply connect the balance to your PC via a I/O to RS-232 cable (not included) and send weight data from the balance. The information can auto-populate a spreadsheet whenever ‘Print’ is pressed on the balance. No other software is required.

      Why should I choose the TX Series?

      If you need a high precision balance - weighing as low as 0.2mg - and simply need to weigh and record the information, choose the TX Series.

      One of the key elements of this scale is a one-piece aluminium mass sensor. This sensor helps the balance resist deterioration and damage from ordinary impacts.

      The TX also has a simple Counting facility. For example the weight of one item, like a tablet, can be recorded - then, a batch can be poured onto the balance and it will calculate how many items are in that sample.

      You can find out more about this scale and place an order over the phone on 01709 364296. Alternatively, send us a message.

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