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Why do you need a carry case?

A carry case is a simple and easy way to transport a portable medical weighing scale. If you’re using weighing equipment in the community, a carry case or rucksack is recommended. Carry cases and rucksacks come in all shapes and sizes to compliment your medical scale. Marsden carry cases and rucksacks are suitable for baby scales, floor scales, wheelchair weigh beams and hoist weighing scales.


How do I know which carry case to choose?

Marsden’s carry cases are built to size for specific Marsden products. The CC-310 is made for the M-310 handheld baby scale.

The CC-400 Carry Case is suitable for Marsden baby scales, the M-300, M-400 and M-410. A rucksack is also available for the M-300 and M-400 baby scales, the RK-400.

For the M-420, M-425, M-430 and M-510 Portable Floor Scales, the CC-420 Carry Case is ideal. For the M-530 Carry Case, the CC-530, click here.

To transport your hoist weighing scales, carry cases are available for the M-600 and M-605 hoist weighing attachments.

The CC-610 is ideal for wheelchair weigh beams like the M-610 - a high capacity, lightweight weigh beam scale which is easy to set up.


Where can I find out more?

To find out more about any Marsden carry case and the scales they are suitable for, click on the images above. For more information and to order, call 01709 364296 or contact us here.