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  • Marsden M-650 Wheelchair Scale - White Tile

    What is the M-650?

    The Marsden M-650 is a low profile wheelchair/walk-on scale with a large enough platform to accommodate almost any wheelchair. The ramps have a gentle incline to make it easier to push wheelchairs onto the scale. This wheelchair scale has a white base, ideal for patients with dementia or patients with visual-spatial problems.

    What is a Class III Approved scale?

    Class III Approved scales are built, tested, verified and calibrated in order to meet a specific standard. The NAWI directive states all scales ‘used in the determination of mass in the practice of medicine for the purpose of monitoring, diagnosis and medical treatment’ must be Class III Approved. To assure the user of the scale’s accuracy and reliability recognised by Class III Approved, an EU notified body will rigorously test all Approved scales.

    Additionally, the M-650 is an approved medical device under the Medical Device Directive (MDD 93/42/EEC). This is one of three directives that cover all medical equipment intended to be used to diagnose, prevent, monitor or treat.

    Why is a white scale ideal for weighing patients with dementia?

    Marsden’s white-base digital weighing scales, like this version of the M-650, and also our M-420 Floor Scale are designed to help dementia patients feel more comfortable when being weighed. The pattern, colour or texture of an object can increase stress and the risk of falls, which means that white scales are a more comfortable and safer alternative to the traditional black surface of many weighing scales. Find out more in this blog post.

    Who uses the white M-650?

    This version of the M-650 is ideal for patients with dementia and visual-spatial issues to make them feel more assured when weighing. The large platform size is suitable for almost any size of wheelchair and is perfect for weighing in hospitals and care homes.

    Why should I choose the M-650?

    Choose the M-650 if you are weighing patients with dementia or visual-spatial problems, who are in a wheelchair. Additionally, the M-650 can be purchased with optional handrails, making this scale ideal for patients who wish to stand but are unsteady on their feet.

    The base of this scale is a one-piece unit, and a handle and wheels are fitted - meaning it’s easy to transport the M-650 from one location to another. The indicator is very easy to use, providing weight readings to the nearest 100g. The scale has a capacity of 300kg.

    The M-650 can also calculate a patient’s BMI. Simply type in the patient’s height using the full numeric keypad, weigh the patient, and the scale will automatically calculate BMI. Tare and Preset Tare functions can be used to deduct the weight of a wheelchair, leaving just the weight of the patient showing on the large, clear display.

    Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity are available for wirelessly transmitting patient weight data to a central database. This is ideal if you intend to become a paperless establishment, or wish to improve and streamline data recording processes. Please contact us for more information about wireless scales.

    Marsden is always looking for feedback or suggestions for digital weighing scales. If you have any ideas or particular needs for patients with dementia disorders, please let us know. You can speak with our team on 01709 364296.

    Browse Marsden wheelchair scales here. For bariatric scales click here.

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  • Marsden M-700 3-in-1 Baby Toddler & Adult Scale

    What is the M-700?

    The Marsden M-700 is a Class III Approved, 3-in-1 baby, toddler and adult scale, with handrails, seat and removable baby bowl. The M-700 measures a patient’s BMI (when standing on the platform), and weighs to an accuracy of 20g (for babies and toddlers, using the baby bowl or the seat) and 50g (for older children or adults standing on the platform). The capacity of this weighing scale is 150kg (60kg for babies and toddlers).

    What are the benefits of a 3-in-1 scale?

    The Marsden M-700 is primarily intended for use in GP surgeries in clinics. If, traditionally, scales are required for weighing babies as well as adults, the M-700 means you no longer need to invest in separate scales.

    This also means you have one central weighing area for all patients.

    What is a Class III Approved medical scale?

    A Class III Approved medical scale is built, tested, verified and calibrated in order to meet a specific standard. This is set by the NAWI directive which states all scales ‘used in the determination of mass in the practice of medicine for the purpose of monitoring, diagnosis and medical treatment’ must be Class III Approved.

    Why should I choose the M-700?

    The M-700 is an all-in-one weighing station for patients of all ages.

    It has a 60kg x 20g capacity/graduation for babies and toddlers, and 150kg x 50g for adults. It has a large base to stand on, with handrails for those less steady on their feet, and a seat for children to sit on. The baby bowl makes weighing babies quick and easy.

    Hold and Tare functions help make weight readings more accurate. Tare can also be used to remove unwanted weight from the scale, such as the weight of a blanket or shoes.

    A printer is available for this scale and can be added to your order below. The printer allows you to create a hard copy of patient weight, plus (if height is entered on the indicator) patient height and BMI.

    Additionally, this weighing scale has optional wireless connectivity for sending patient weight information to a central database. Contact us to find out more.

    This scale is covered by the Marsden 4 Year Warranty.

    For more information on the M-700, or any of Marsden's adult and baby scales, contact us here or call 01709 364296.

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