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3 Reasons the B-100 Bench Scale is Perfect for Bakeries

3 reasons the B-100 Bench Scale is perfect for bakeries

Precise measurements are not always necessary in cooking but are critical if you want to have a real baking success.

Measuring and weighing is one of the biggest reasons that baking endeavours fail - for example, using too much flour can lead to rock hard cookies, tough bread and less than fluffy cakes. One simple way to gain perfection every time is to weigh your ingredients, which the Marsden B-100 bench scale is ideal for!

You may now be asking ‘who needs a bench scale when you have measuring cups?’ Other than needing a whole array of measuring cups in your inventory, they are far from accurate.

Such as if you need to use wet measuring to weigh flour, you can’t level it off. Nightmare. On the other hand if you use a dry measuring cup for liquid and you fill right up to the brim, when transporting it to your mixing bowl, you know there will be spillage. An easy way around this, ditch the cups and gain perfection every time with a kitchen scale!

Here are three key reavsons why a B-100 bench scale is a vital piece of equipment for your bakery or kitchen.

1. Accuracy

The Marsden B-100 bench scale is highly accurate down to as low as 0.2g and ranging to 1g meaning that it will cut out any waste and your recipe will be precise. Baking is more than just fun; it is a science, meaning you can't just throw in a bit of this, with a bit of that and expect something that tastes exceptional. With the help of a kitchen scale with division sizes as low and as accurate as the B-100 you will achieve the perfect loaf, delicious, soft cookies or a light fluffy sponge!

2. Waterproof

Baking can be a very messy business and slips and spills are inevitable. However, the B-100 bench scale has an IP68 rating making it ideal for kitchen environments. This means that the scale is completely air tight; if there is an explosion of flour and the kitchen scale is covered the mechanisms inside will be in perfect condition as nothing can get inside. If this is the case and the scale is completely covered it can be hosed down or fully submerged in a bucket of water - and the scale will still work perfectly once it’s clean again.

3. Helps Reduce Mess

Nobody likes the cleaning up after baking is finished. The B-100 is the ideal food scale, helping to cut down the mess of baking dramatically. All you need to do is turn your scale on, put your mixing bowl on, zero the weight so that the bowl itself doesn’t register, and then simply add your ingredients. In between each ingredient if you zero the scale it will show the weight of the ingredient you are currently adding. This then eliminates the need for multiple bowls and measuring cups as everything can be together, therefore reducing the overall mess!

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