Buying guide: Counting scales

There can’t be many suppliers of industrial scales with as much pedigree as Marsden. We cut our teeth supplying industrial weighing equipment way back in 1926 - and here we are, 90 years (but a month) later, with a comprehensive, high quality, hand-picked selection of industrial scales.

Our counting scales are no exception. Every counting scale in our range is there for a reason: over the years, we’ve listened to customers and the market, and tailored our offerings accordingly. So, if you’re looking for a counting scale, and you’re not sure which one from our range is the right solution for you - here’s our buying guide.

If you still need a bit of help with choosing counting scales, just get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help you!

Jadever JCE Counting Scale

For: Order picking, goods receipt and despatch areas

The Jadever JCE is the ‘entry model’ of our range, if you like - plus, currently it’s on offer at just £125+VAT.

This makes it unbelievable value, because it still boasts a full range of features:  Full Tare, overload protection, quantity alarm and accumulation. The durable keypad is also waterproof.

With a very high accuracy to 0.1g, the JCE Counting Scale is perfect for very small items where precision weighing is a must.

Jadever JCA Counting Scale

For: Small to large parts weighing

The JCA is the most popular of our counting scales. The key to this trade approved scale’s popularity is the fact that you can link it to a second scale, it has a good range of capacities and graduations to choose from, and because it has enhanced software installed that makes weighing easier and the ability to count more flexible.

The JCA has multiple applications. For example, a car parts manufacturer needed to parts count small but heavy car parts - so, they used the JCA to find the weight of a single part, taking advantage of the scale’s accuracy for small components.

Then, via the RS-232 port, they connected a platform scale to the JCA. The platform scale was used to weigh a large number of these parts, the platform scale having a much higher capacity than the JCA.

Digi DMC-782 Counting Scale

For: Banks and building societies

The Digi DMC-782 is purely a coin counting scale. Currently used by some of the largest banks in the world, this counting scale is Class III and EC Approved, and can be used to weigh either sterling or Euros.

There are 18 preset keys on this coin counting scale, meaning coins can be preset into the scale which will speed up the weighing process. For example, you can pop a bag of 2p coins onto the scale, press the button preset for 2p, and get an instant reading of how much you’ve got in the coin bag!

The DMC-782 is really easy to operate and, with battery power an option, can give you up to 1,000 hours of wireless use.

Digi DC-788 Counting Scale

For: Highly precise parts counting

The Digi DC-788 is one of the best value for money counting scales within the Marsden range, and perfect for regular parts counting where a record of weights and items is needed.

It is a trade approved counting scale with a display resolution of 1/7,500 (1/30,000 non approved). The internal counting resolution of the scale is 1/1,000,000 which enables extremely accurate parts counting.

This scale features an impressive range of functions including accumulation, quality alarm, hi/lo check weighing, second scale input, built in overload protection and full range tare. It also has a 100 item memory to store pre-set weights, and a built in data interface for use with PC or printing.

With seven different capacities and graduations to chose from this scale can fit any user's needs.

Digi DC-300 Counting Scale

For: Selling highly-accurately-weighed goods

The Digi DC-300 is the most intelligent counting scale within the Marsden range. It is a highly accurate scale with an internal resolution of 1/1,000,000.

Features include a massive 5,000 item memory - which means you can programme in the items you weigh the most for quicker results.

This counting scale has an internal direct thermal printer for labels and reports, as well as an RS-232 port that allows scanners, balances and external printers to be connected.

With the finest graduation of 0.05g it is accurate enough for weighing the smallest of parts and even medication within pharmacies. Also, with a range of capacities and graduations to chose from, there is something for everybody!

If you need help with choosing the right counting scale for your needs, just give us a call on 01709 364296.

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