A weighing scale submerged in a fish tank!

Last week, Marsden was at BeerX - the annual beer festival organised by trade body SIBA.

We used the show, which took place at the Ice Arena in Sheffield, to meet with breweries -  including those that already use Marsden scales (who told us how happy they are with them) and brewers who didn’t.

It was also an opportunity to demonstrate how waterproof the B-100 Bench Scale is - making it ideal for the brewing environment!

The B-100 was left in the fish tank for the full duration of the show - from setting up at 11am on Wednesday morning until packing away at 2pm on Friday afternoon. After all that time, it still worked perfectly, as well as staying switched on whilst underwater during the show hours.

weighing scales

On Friday, shortly before the end of our stay at BeerX, we delved into the pot of business cards left by the many breweries that passed our stand, and picked out one at random. The brewery that was picked out, Firebrick Brewery of Blaydon on Tyne, won a B-100. They can now weigh out ingredients accurately - and get their weighing scale as wet as they like in the process!

Our BeerX stand can be seen on the left, proudly manned by Paul!

We produced a mini catalogue of weighing scales for breweries especially for the BeerX exhibition - and this is now available to download below. It features all the scales we had on display at BeerX, plus two platform scales that commonly used for cask weighing, and our new, portable B-300 Parcel Scale, which doubles as a general purpose scale for in and around your brewery.

To download the brewery scales mini catalogue, click the link below. Links to more information on the products featured in the catalogue are also below, if you need them.

Brewery Scales mini catalogue

B-100 Bench Scale (waterproof, for ingredients weighing)

B-200 Bench Scale (low cost, for ingredients weighing)

B-300 Parcel Scale (portable, for general weighing)

IP-2101 Bench Scale (for accurate weighing of small amounts of ingredients)

HSS-I-200 Floor Scale (splash proof, for weighing casks and large amounts of ingredients)

MSS-I-100 Floor Scale (for weighing casks and large amounts of ingredients)

P-NA Platform Scale (for weighing pallets and casks)

P-SS-1200 Platform Scale (splash proof, for weighing pallets and casks)

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