Benefits of the B-100 Waterproof Scale - by those who use it

The Marsden B-100 is our most popular bench scale, with a range of features capable of benefiting a wide range of industries.

This stainless steel, waterproof scale is most used in breweries, seafood, bakeries and food processing factories - but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So, in this blog post, we look at some of the industries and users that benefit from using the B-100 for weighing processes - and why they chose this scale in particular.


What makes the B-100 so flexible?

The B-100 is a fully stainless steel, waterproof scale with IP68 rating, which means it can withstand spillages, and in environments where hygiene is paramount, it can be washed down after use. In fact, the B-100 is so waterproof, that when we dropped the scale in a bucket of water, in this video, it continued to run effectively.

The choice of graduations and capacities also means it can be tailored directly to weighing needs. It can be used to weigh produce up to 30kg, or to accuracies as fine as 0.2g.

Further, the B-100 has two battery options. The scale can be powered by rechargeable battery which means it can run for 40 hours from full charge, before it needs recharging from the mains. The main benefit of the non rechargeable B-100 is it doesn't have to be charged up when battery runs out - the flat batteries can simply be replaced by new ones, meaning when mains power isn't nearby you are not effectively a 'scale down'.


Why should breweries choose the B-100?

“Waterproof scales are essential for any brewer,” Steve Hope from the Brew Shed told Marsden.

The B-100’s IP68 rating is perfect for breweries, as contact with water is inevitable for brewery scales so a fully waterproof scale is imperative.

Small to medium-sized breweries may require their weighing scale to carry out multiple tasks on site and the B-100 provides flexibility. It can weigh out small amounts of ingredients, while it can also weigh out sacks and malt further down the process.

“The B-100 is perfect for weighing out big batches of grain,” Steve said.


Why should zoos and pet owners choose the B-100?

Meeting dietary requirements are essential for any animal. Pet owners have been encouraged by veterinary specialists to weigh pet food in order to prevent pet obesity arising in their dogs and cats.

Weighing animal feed is also important in zoos and other animal attractions. Yorkshire Wildlife Park use the B-100 to weigh out pet food. “We needed a waterproof scale as we work in a very busy animal feed kitchen,” Rick Newton from the park told Marsden.

“It’s very important that the amount of food that the animals get is precise for all the vitamins and proteins - when weighing concentrated pellet diets the same applies - so that’s a massive benefit for the animals.”


Why should fishmongers choose the B-100?

The B-100 is also a popular choice for fishmongers. JH Mann Fishmongers in Sheffield have used the B-100 since 2015 - you can see the scale being used in their shop here. An IP68 rated scale is pivotal to fishmongers, as the scale is extremely likely to come into contact with water - which is why we chose this location to show you quite how waterproof the scale really is.

JH Mann told us, “Being waterproof, the B-100 has a big benefit to fishmongers. It’s never not worked and they’ve lasted us a long time.

“They are a good set of scales - better than anything we had used before.”


Why should homeowners choose the B-100?

As explained in an article in the Guardian newspaper in 2017, the B-100 waterproof scale is also used by homeowners in order to weigh food and monitor food waste. It is for weighing small amounts of food that the high accuracy of the lower-capacity B-100s really comes in.

With help from the B-100, Lisa Edwards was able to reduce food waste by three quarters and save over £1000. By weighing wasted food and connecting it to an app called Winnow, she was able to find out the monetary value of food waste based on weight.

“We were definitely wasting some food before we got involved in the project, but we just didn’t know how much,” said Lisa.

“I was wasting more than I thought. Not only do we know the value of what we are wasting - and why - but we are also taking steps to reduce it in the first place.”

Find out more on how weighing with the B-100 can reduce food waste here.

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