Body fat explained with our free poster

It would be easy for many to think that body fat is something you shouldn’t have, but of course, that’s not the case.

Body fat is needed to keep us warm and store essential vitamins in our body. Too much of it, though, can lead to heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

To increase awareness of the ideal body fat percentage amongst your patients, we’ve created a new medical infographic poster. This eye-catching poster explains, in clear and simple terms, what's good and bad about body fat. The poster can be downloaded below and used in your surgery.

Body fat percentage can also be too low. For example, if a man’s body fat is less than 3%, he may be more susceptible to illness and chronic fatigue. There’s just not enough fat there to store the vitamins his body needs, and there’s not enough fat to keep his body warm!

The poster also includes a guide to the ideal body fat percentage for men and for women.

To back up the infographic poster, you could give your patients the opportunity to measure their body fat percentage with a suitable weighing scale. It can be easily measured using Marsden’s MBF series body composition scales. Each one, fitted with a printer, will record and print out the percentage reading of any patient standing on the scale.

The MBF scales provide a full picture of a person’s body health - and also provide body fat, fat mass and total body water readings.

Plus, our two body analyser scales, the BFA-220R and BFA-220P, measure body fat - and are currently in our Clearance range at very attractive prices! Find them here.

For more information about Marsden's range of body composition scales, feel free to contact us here.

To download our infographic poster, click below.

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