Buyers’ Guide: Industrial Floor Scales

Industrial floor scales are ideal for all manner of weighing tasks – from weighing incoming or outgoing goods in warehouses, to weighing nuts and bolts.

Floor scales are used for a variety of purposes, and at Marsden we’ve put together a range of scales to satisfy almost any weighing need.

But choosing the right industrial floor scale can be tough – so this buyers’ guide blog post is here to help.

A large weighing platform for goods in / goods out

If you need to weigh incoming or outgoing goods but you don’t need the high capacities and large base sizes offered by our platform scale range - our larger floor scales may be for you.

The Marsden MS-150 is most commonly used in warehouse environments for weighing incoming and outgoing packages. It has a stainless steel surface meaning it is easy to clean, and powered by rechargeable battery it can be used anywhere.

The Marsden MS-150 has a capacity to 150kg, but should you need a greater capacity, the MS-300 can weigh goods up to 300kg. A small version of the M-150 is also available, the Marsden B-200.

With a length of 900mm, Marsden’s V-150 Floor Scale is suitable for weighing larger-sized goods. This portable scale is fitted with a handle and wheels, as well as an indicator with a bright LCD display. At over a metre in length, the Marsden V-250 is larger still.

A column floor scale for food production or check weighing components

Marsden’s entry level MSS stainless steel floor scale, is the MSS-I-100. This scale is tough, reliable and easy to use. With 304 food grade, this scale is ideal for bakeries. A choice of capacities, graduations, as well as a Trade Approved version are available.

For liquid filling applications, the IP67 MSS-JIK is recommended. The scale has an RS-232 port so weight data can be transferred to a spreadsheet or database. For a Trade Approved version click here.

The MSS-JIK has a choice of accuracies, from 10g to as low as 0.1g – which it has in common with Marsden’s MSS-JDI. The latter has a choice of capacities (to 150kg), a touchscreen display and the option to connect to a printer or computer for a permanent record of the weight reading. You can also create and print barcodes from the MSS-JDI.

A HSS scale for fish markets, farms and extreme conditions

The HSS range includes the IP65 rated HSS-I-100SS Floor Scale. Thanks in part to its wipe-down, 304 food grade base, it is ideal for use in fish markets – as this video demonstrates. Find the Trade Approved version here.

The HSS-I-200 is IP67 waterproof, making it ideal for the food industry and for weighing farm produce. A choice of base sizes, capacities and graduations are available.

The I-200 Survivor is also IP67 rated, and is robust, durable and built for harsh environments. The I-200 Survivor is the scale of choice for the Ministry of Defence (MOD). It is built with overload protection, so if the capacity is exceeded, the scale will not be damaged.

A fully waterproof scale for breweries

Marsden’s AGT-C was our best selling brewery scale at SIBA BeerX 2017 – because of its IP68 rating, a 304 food grade base and rechargeable battery power. It is ideal for weighing kegs to ensure they are fully filled. It can be washed down to keep the scale hygienic. A large base version is also available.

To browse our full range of industrial floor scales click here. For more information on how data transfer works on your scales, click here. Find out why you would need a Trade Approved scale here.

For any questions on our industrial floor scales range, call 01709 364296 or contact us here.

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