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What is a bench/floor scale?

A bench scale is a robust but often portable weighing scale used in a variety of applications. Bench scales are typically used for weighing smaller items and are designed to be used on a worktop or bench - hence the name bench scales.

Compact bench scales can be used where space is limited, whilst providing highly accurate readings in rugged industrial environments.

Marsden’s extensive bench scale range includes bench scales for just about any application and environment, including IP65, IP67 and IP68-rated waterproof solutions. Trade Approved bench scales are also available.

What is a Trade Approved scale?

Legally, if the scale is used when buying or selling based on weight, it must be Trade Approved.

A Trade Approved scale has been built, tested, verified and calibrated to a specific standard. The Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments (NAWI) directive was introduced to protect the customer. It states six weighing situations where Trade Approved scales must be used, including ‘determination of mass for commercial transactions’.

Trade Approved scales are rigorously tested by an EU Notified Body, providing assurance to the user that the scales are accurate, reliable and deliver repeatable weight readings.

What does the IP rating mean?

Many Marsden bench scales carry an IP rating. The IP rating is referring to the scale’s level of protection. The first digit (e.g ‘6’) refers to the scale’s protection to dust. The second digit (e.g ‘5’) denotes the protection against water and other liquids.

IP65 rated scales are protected against moisture when wiped down with a damp cloth. IP67 scales are splashproof and have protection against moisture, and can withstand being washed down. IP68 scales are waterproof and can survive much more punishing environments - including being submerged in a bucket of water. Find out more about IP Ratings here.

Which bench scale is best for me?

Marsden’s range of bench scales meets just about any need - with capacities up to 300kg, and weighing accuracies as fine as 0.005g.

All bench scales are high quality, made-to-last products, with solutions available whatever your budget. Choose from popular bench scales like the affordable, versatile stainless steel B-100 Bench Scale - with its waterproof casing and accuracy to 0.2g. The B-100 is Marsden’s most popular bench scale and is commonly used by fishmongers, breweries and food factories where it’s likely to get wet and require regular washing down to keep it hygienic.

Trade Approved bench scales include the premium, IP68-rated Digi DS-673SS with its stainless steel casing and high accuracy weight results, right up to high capacity bench scales like the 150kg HSS stainless steel bench scale.

Marsden bench scales are suitable for applications across a huge range of industries. You’ll find the digital bench scales above in warehouses, factories, fish markets, bakeries, breweries, food retailers, hospitals, on farms and more. Find out more with this buyer's guide for bench scales.

Where can I find out more?

Marsden has been supplying accurate weighing equipment to British industry for more than 90 years. Each bench scale can be viewed by clicking on the images above. Find out more information about any Marsden bench scale by calling 01709 364296 or contact us here.

Where can I find out more?

Contact us to find out more information about Marsden baby scales

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