Marsden B-250 Bench and Floor Scale

  • Versatile table top bench weighing scale
  • Designed to be used across multiple industries
  • Boasts from a large range of capacities and graduations
  • Ideal weighing scale for warehouses and factories
  • Suitable for weighing boxes, sacks and kegs
  • Simple and easy to use bench/floor weighing device

Total Price
£99.00 Exc. VAT (£118.80 inc. VAT)
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15kg to 300kg

2g to 50g


Warranty Period:
1 Year

310mm x 300mm x 50mm

Weighing Units:
Kg or Lb

Weight of Scale:

Power Supply:
Mains or 4 x AA batteries

Battery Life:
Up to 55 hours of continuous use

IP Rating:

Additional Features

  • Covered by 1 year warranty
  • Perfect floor scale for weighing boxes, sacks and kegs
  • High accuracy readings, easy to use, affordable price
  • Crystal clear 1” LCD display
  • High accuracy readings
  • Weighs in kg or lb
  • Removable splashproof platter
  • Integrated magnets in indicator for attaching to metal surfaces
  • Auto power-off
  • Use as a floor scale or bench scale


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General Information Certificates and General Information

What is the Marsden B-250 Bench and Floor Scale?

The Marsden B-250 is a versatile table top bench weighing scale. Suitable for a wide range of applications and environments due to the versatile design and various options available. Best-selling bench/floor scale to factories, bakeries, warehouses and many more.

What can the B-250 be used for?

For simple, straightforward weighing, the B-250 is perfect. This easy to use scale is perfect for weighing boxes, sacks and kegs, whether you're weighing in a factory, warehouse or brewery.

To use the B-250, simply switch on, place an item/s on the splashproof platform and the indicator will instantly display an accurate weight reading. The clear LCD screen displays either kilos or pounds, depending on your preference.

Why should I choose the B-250?

The B-250 is portable and easy to use, boasting accuracy as high as to the nearest 2g. Simply place the base on the floor, and if you have a metal worktop or shelf, the indicator can be attached thanks to the magnets in the back. This means you can have the weight display positioned in the most convenient place during operation.

For extra convenience, the B-250 Bench Scale has Hold and Tare functions - Hold, to stabilise the reading on the display, and Tare to remove unwanted weight from the display, such as the weight of a box. There is a Tare foot pedal available for operating this function by foot.

The scale is powered by 12V AC adaptor or 6x AA batteries. The power down function saves power when the scale is running from battery power.

Where can I find out more?

Contact us to find out more information about Marsden baby scales

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