Medical & Gym Scales

Medical & Gym Scales


MARSDEN, A BRITISH COMPANY, IS PROUD TO HAVE SUPPLIED AND SERVICED WEIGHING EQUIPMENT TO THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY FOR 90 YEARS. We're committed to developing new, innovative and accurate medical weighing and measuring solutions for hospitals, medical centres, GP surgeries, pharmacies and care homes.

Marsden has the largest range of medical scales available in the UK. They range from the 2g accuracy of the market leading M-300 baby scale to 300kg Bariatric Scales, ideal for weighing the largest of patients. Marsden can offer Baby Scales, Chair Scales, Stand on Scales, Column Scales, Hoist Scales for use in hospitals and in the community.

All our medical devices are Class III Approved - making them legal for use in medical environments for the administering of treatment and medication.

Recently, we have added Bluetooth scales to our range. These have been designed for telehealth initiatives, allowing the weight data of a patient to be transferred directly from the weighing scale, to a handheld device, PC or central patient database.

Marsden has distributors in 15 EU countries and now sells its medical scales as far afield as Australia and New Zealand.

Marsden Weighing Scales are designed and engineered in the UK. Many products are also manufactured at our factory in Yorkshire. Marsden scales have been designed with care to ensure that they are the most accurate, durable and reliable of any scale on the market..

SERVICE:  Marsden offers a comprehensive maintenance package for its medical scales to all NHS Trusts and cover most of the UK, from the North of Scotland to the West Country. Our engineers have vast experience in servicing, repairing and maintaining medical scales. Marsden is a ISO9001:2008 and 2009/23 accredited company and therefore can offer re-verification services to our customers meaning that Marsden customers can normally have their scales repaired on site. To further improve and differentiate our service package the unique Marsden Client Portal offers a real time, clear and efficient overview of maintenance and repairs undertaken and provides a full scale history to contract customers.  Our portal enables customers to have access to their scale details (location, history of maintenance and repairs), calibration certificates, invoices and you can also book a call out from one of our nationwide team of highly qualified engineers. The portal is also a great resource for demonstrating compliance.

If you have any questions about Marsden's range of medical weighing equipment, call us on 01709 364296.



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