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What is an indicator?

An indicator is the term for the display which is attached to a base or platform. Here at Marsden we offer a wide range of indicators to ensure that we can suit your requirements.

All of the indicators shown on this page are compatible with our range of bench and heavy duty platforms.

What is the best indicator for me?

Marsden's range of indicators can meet just about any need. With various IP ratings and functions, we can find the right indicator for your requirements.

If you need some assistance on finding the right indicator for your weighing requirements, view our buyer's guide or contact us today at

What does IP rating mean?

Many Marsden bench scales carry an IP rating. The IP rating is referring to the scale’s level of protection. The first digit (e.g ‘6’) refers to the scale’s protection to dust. The second digit (e.g ‘5’) denotes the protection against water and other liquids.

IP65 rated scales are protected against moisture when wiped down with a damp cloth. IP67 scales are splashproof and have protection against moisture, and can withstand being washed down. IP68 scales are waterproof and can survive much more punishing environments - including being submerged in a bucket of water. Find out more here.

Where can I find out more?

Contact us to find out more information about Marsden baby scales

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