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Easy To Use, Entry Level Chair Scale

  • Capacity: 250kg
  • Graduations: 100g
£600.00 Ex VAT

Professional, Simple and Easy to Use Chair Scale with BMI

  • Capacity: 250kg
  • Graduations: 50g<150kg>100g
From £713.00 Ex VAT

High Capacity Bariatric Chair Scale with Large Seat

  • Capacity: 250kg or 300kg
  • Graduations: 50g<150kg>100g
From £792.00 Ex VAT

Premium Chair Scale with Powered Stand Assist Seat

  • Capacity: 250kg
  • Graduations: 100g
From £1,134.00 Ex VAT

What is a chair scale?

A chair scale is a wheelchair with an integrated weighing scale. It allows patients who are unable to stand to be weighed quickly, easily and with minimum discomfort.

Chair scales tend to have an indicator on the back of the chair, so the nurse or carer can see the weight reading, calculate BMI and, depending on the scale, send the weight data wirelessly to a central database.

Why should I choose a weighing chair scale from Marsden?

Lightweight, affordable and easy to use, Marsden chair scales are assembled in the UK and are a common sight in hospitals, care homes and nursing homes.

As with most Marsden Class III medical scales, our chair scales are suitable for adults and children and all come with the Marsden 4 Year Warranty. Additionally, a Marsden service contract will give you greater peace of mind, keeping your chair scale accurate and reliable for many years to come.

All Marsden chair scales are Class III Approved, and the M-200, the premium model in our range, is MDD Approved.

What is a Class III Approved scale?

In the UK, the NAWI (Non Automatic Weighing Instruments) Directive on medical weighing states that if a scale is being used for “determination of mass in the practice of medicine for weighing patients for the purpose of monitoring, diagnosis and medical treatment” it must be Class III Approved.

Class III Approved scales undergo a rigorous test programme conducted by a EU Notified Body. This type of testing is not carried out on standard weighing scales, and ensures Class III Approved scales are reliable, accurate and provide repeatable readings (the weight reading is the same if a patient steps off the scale and back on again, for example).

MDD (Medical Devices Directive) Approval is not essential for weighing scales, however for extra assurance of its accuracy, reliability and quality, the M-200 is MDD Approved. The Medical Devices Directive is enforced within the UK by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

What features do these scales have?

Choose the Marsden M-210, our best-selling, professional medical chair scale, for easy weighing with BMI and Hold/Tare functions.

The entry level M-225 has a simpler indicator, but has all the features you need for easy, straightforward patient weighing. It also includes a BSA calculation function – a world first in weighing scales.

The flagship model of the Marsden chair scales range is the M-200. It has an extra wide base, an indicator with full numeric keypad and three displays (for weight, height and BMI) and options for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi data transfer.

All our chair scales are highly accurate, with an accuracy of 50g (100g for the M-225) available - meaning a patient’s weight can be monitored and slight differences in weight can be detected. Hinged armrests and footrests on our chair scales make them easier to get into, and out of.

For more details, click on the images above or call our team for expert advice on any of our weighing chairs.

Where can I find out more?

Contact us to find out more information about Marsden baby scales

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